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Fish Bites: Yelich and Marisnick debut, Ryan Braun suspension

The long awaited debut of Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick is going to be in the back pages as the Ryan Braun suspension casts a dark cloud over MLB.

Christian Petersen

Rocky Mountain High: Yelich, Marisnick on their way up | Fish Bytes

As apparent in tonight's game against Colorado, top prospects Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick have made their debut with the Marlins with Dietrich heading to Jacksonville and Ozuna moving to the DL

Marlins react to Ryan Braun suspension | Fish Bytes

The recent suspension of Ryan Braun has struck the baseball universe like a bullet as it continues the embarrassing steroid era. With Braun's season-long suspension hitting close to home, a handful members of the Marlins organization express their opinion on the situation.

Miami Marlins: Fast friends Christian Yelich, Jake Marisnick arrived in majors together - South Florida

Since their time together in Spring Training, Yelich and Marisnick have had that bond that will help them as they face the struggles of the major league lifestyle.

Miami Marlins: Marcell Ozuna jams left thumb on diving catch Onday - South Florida

Marcell Ozuna has been facing a rough last 24 hours with the recent call-ups of Marisnick and Yelich and a thumb injury that will put him on the DL.

Miami Adds Top Prospects to Outfield Mix | FanGraphs Baseball

A solid overview of the Yelich/Marisnick move from an outsider point of view.

Around the League

Ryan Braun and Brewers fans: a primer - Baseball Nation

Baseball Nation writer and die-hard Giants fan Grant Brisbee takes Brewer fans under their wing as he shares some advice on how to deal with a vindicated player on your favorite team.

.The Matt Garza trade and the Cubs' nifty maneuvering - Baseball Nation

Yes, Grant Brisbee is back and staying in the NL Central as he takes a look at the crop of players the Cubs received in the Matt Garza deal.

2013 Anti-Trade Value: The Five Worst Contracts | FanGraphs Baseball

After breaking down the more valuable contracts in the MLB, Dave Cameron takes a 180 turn as he looks at some of the worst current deals in the league.

Ryan Braun: Sorta smart and highly normal - Baseball Nation

Rob Neyer gives us his take on the Ryan Braun scenario as he tells us why the Brewer slugger isn't the enemy that some people look at him to be.

Ryan Braun's Inconvenient Truth - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Grantland's Jonah Keri gives his take on the Braun situation and other players (Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta) who have been linked to the same BioGenesis case that canned Braun.

At Fish Stripes

Story Stream: Miami Marlins promote Christian Yelich, Jake Marisnick, demote Marcell Ozuna, Derek Dietrich - Fish Stripes

If you're still looking for information regarding the recent callup of Yelich and Marisnick, check out the story stream above to read and digest all the tidbits that you need to know about the move.

Miami Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies: Stanton, Yelich, Fernandez lead to 4-2 win - Fish Stripes
Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, and yes, the debuting Christian Yelich, lead the Miami Marlins to their second straight win over the Colorado Rockies.