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Fish Bites: All-Star Edition

With the 2013 MLB All-Star game taking place on Tuesday night, this edition of Fish Stripes goes around the baseball writing world to find must-read articles about topics pertaining to more than the Mid-Summer Classic.


Marlins Jose Fernandez dominates in All-Star debut - South Florida Sun-

It might have been an exhibition game, but Jose Fernandez still impresses as he looks terrific against superstars Dustin Pedroia, Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis.

Miami Marlins: Jose Fernandez in exclusive company as rookie All-Star, but that doesn't guarantee future success- South Florida

All-Star rookie Jose Fernandez has been a shining light on an otherwise gloomy season for Miami but studies show that being a rookie All-Star doesn't exactly mean future success.

Fernandez soaks up All-Star experience and takes home autographs | Fish Bytes

Despite barley being out of his teenage years, Fernandez has a terrific life story about his journey from Cuba that exceeds his superb abilities.

Miami Marlins All-Star Player Register -

As you watch Fernandez plow down the best of the American League, take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the All-Stars of Miami's 20 year history.

Jose Fernandez Snubbed at the All-Star by Fox - Marlin Maniac - A Miami Marlin Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion, and More

The aforementioned story about Fernandez's path to the US and impressive outing against the AL was completely overlooked by Fox broadcast team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in favor for an interview with Jason Grilli

Around The League

The best starting lineups in All-Star history - Baseball Nation

Which collection of All-Stars was the best in history? Turns out baseball peaked early.

2013 Trade Value #35 - #31 | FanGraphs Baseball

FanGraphs' terrific baseball writer Dave Cameron is going a similar route as Bill SImmons with his look at some of the more valuable players in the MLB. While there haven't been any Marlins listed in his rankings just yet, potentially look forward to his thoughts on Giancarlo Stanton and/or Jose Fernandez.

What went wrong with the Toronto Blue Jays this season? - Grantland

A long and thorough breakdown of what's going wrong with the Toronto Blue Jays after their complete overhaul in the offseason.

FanFest and what it might say about Chief Wahoo - Baseball Nation

Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer made the trip to New York for the All-Star festivities which included the annual MLB FanFest. While the writer enjoyed most of what FanFest had to offer, he was a little confused about the sudden disappearance of a certain Cleveland Indians staple.

First Half MVP Awards - Beyond the Box Score

The great people at Beyond the Box Score give us a comprehensive and analytic look at some of the more efficient players in the first half of the 2013 season

At Fish Stripes

2013 MLB All-Star Game; Jose Fernandez throws scoreless inning, two strikeouts for National League - Fish Stripes

Miami Marlins All-Star starting pitcher Jose Fernandez was not expected to make an appearance tonight, but manager Bruce Bochy sent out the 20-year-old rookie and he performed, tossing a scoreless inning and striking out two tough hitters.

Miami Marlins Midseason Review: Pitching grades - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins have had a more successful first half in terms of pitching than they did on the offensive side, and that starts with the fantastic first half of Jose Fernandez.

Miami Marlins Week In Review: Looking ahead - Fish Stripes
The Miami Marlins finish off their first half of the season with two almost two months' worth of positive baseball. How will the Marlins fare in the second half?

Miami Marlins Midseason Review: Offense grades - Fish Stripes
The Miami Marlins have finally reached the All-Star break, and that means it is time to review the Marlins' first half. First, Fish Stripes reviews the team's pitiful offensive performance marred with injuries and poor play.