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Welcome to Fish Stripes!

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What is Fish Stripes, and what can we do for you, the Fish Stripes reader? We take this opportunity to familiarize a new group of Fish Stripers to the best Marlins blog on the web.

Mike Ehrmann

A long time ago, back in November of 2011, I introduced myself to the community of Fish Stripes, and the changes I made brought in some new readers and turned other readers off. It was a necessary change in these growing baseball times, as Fish Stripes finally moved into the modern era of baseball discussion, complete with an analytic bent.

Since then, the site has grown leaps and bounds, and I am happy to welcome all the new Fish Stripers who have joined our small community since then. But I have not had a chance to introduce myself to the newer members.

Hi, I'm Michael.

I started here in November 2011 with the idea of getting more analysis about the Marlins on the premier Marlins blog on the web, and I think I've done a decent job of that. I came from another Marlins blog, Marlin Maniac, that has since found its stride under the leadership of a former writer of mine. I worked there for two years before deciding to take over Fish Stripes, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work in both environments.

But I also came to Fish Stripes to grow a vibrant Marlins community, and while I am happy with the folks that frequent our little corner of the Marlins community, I believe that we as a group can do better. This is why I wanted to introduce myself (again) and discuss what I am bringing to the table here at Fish Stripes, so we can talk about what you can bring to the table.

Fish Stripes features some regular content that you can expect on a daily or semi-daily basis.

Fish Bites: Fish Bites are our semi-daily links post that gathers the interesting Marlins stories of the day and puts them together in a convenient pile for you to peruse at your leisure. They usually come in the mornings, and you can expect them Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the time being. Our Fish Bites authors Scott Gelman and Dakota Schmidt are on top of this section.

Daily Minor League Report: This is our daily minor league report that discusses the happenings at each level of the Marlins' minor league affiliates. Here you can check out links to the full box scores, important lines from impact players in the game, and commentary from our very own prospect mavens Sam Evans and Eric Weston.

We also have weekly features from authors as well:

- On Mondays, we have Mohamed Abdihakim bringing us our Marlins Week in Review, which discusses the big Marlins stories of the week and shows off the plays of the week for the Fish.

- On Tuesdays, Conor Dorney brings us a weekly analytic piece on the Marlins.

- On Thursdays, Sam Evans brings us a weekly piece on the Marlins' prospects or minor league system.

Finally, we have the daily work I put up on the site, which you can expect Monday to Friday. That includes news coverage, analysis, and all other things Marlins-related.

But enough about the website! What can you bring to the Fish Stripes community?

Comment!: The Fish Stripes community is open not just for reading, but for opining! Make your voice heard here at Fish Stripes, and comment on what you think about the team. I encourage all Fish Stripes readers who have been lurking and biding their time before commenting to jump into our community headfirst and start discussing the Fish! We do not always agree with each other here (ask reader miamiandy how often he and I are in disagreement), but it doesn't mean that dissenting voices should not be heard. I want everyone to feel like they will be accepted, regardless of their opinion on the team. All I ask is that you still be a fan!

FanPosts: Let's say you want to be heard, but you have more to say than the average comment. SB Nation and Fish Stripes have the perfect venue for that: FanPosts! You can find the FanPosts on the right side of the front page, like here:


FanPosts are extended thoughts about your Miami Marlins that last more than 75 words and have some message or theme that you want to convey. Jot down your thoughts, and make them heard here, article-style. If your post is good, you may even get promoted to the front page like veteran Fish Striper Jigokusabre was recently with this piece. I will begin promoting any fun, interesting, original content on the FanPosts out to the front page, and you'll get right in the cover of our website!

If you are an aspiring writer and you want to get in on the Fish Stripes writing business, you can use FanPosts as your way in. A number of our writers began their Fish Stripes careers as active commenters and FanPost authors, and eventually they caught my eye and were given positions on the site. You too can find your way in that way!

FanShots: See something interesting on the Internet about the Marlins? Whether it's a funny photo, a worthwhile article, or some other link about the Fish, the way to promote that to the Fish Stripes community is via the FanShots section!


The FanShots section is for you Fish Stripes readers to drop in any media you want to share about the Marlins with the community, without having to write too much about it. Unlike FanPosts, this doesn't have to be original content, so you can share any Marlins-related stuff you want. If it's interesting, I'll promote it to the front page as well!

Ichthyomancy: Ichthyomancy is our daily pick'em game regarding the Marlins. You can read the full rules here, but the basic premise of the game is that you make the following picks for each game:

- Attendance (one player gets two points for the closest)
- Player of the Game (each player gets one point for picking the player with over .100 WPA)
- Above and Beyond (each player gets a point total between one and four points for making a pick of your choice)

Each day, before the game, you can make your selections on our Game Thread. Every week (ideally), I'll update the standings for the game. Our season winner will get an as-of-yet undetermined prize, and this year, our second-half winner will also receive a prize! It's the easiest way to get started commenting on our Game Threads and enjoying Marlins baseball with the rest of your Fish Stripes fans!

So those are some of the ways you can use Fish Stripes and get involved with the burgeoning community. So join Fish Stripes today, and get into it! Post your thoughts on FanPosts, share with us your favorite Marlins links, and play Ichthyomancy and join us in the Game Threads. Let's make the 2013 season the best in Fish Stripes history, even though the Marlins themselves are struggling.