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Fish Stripes Ichthyomancy Update: June 30 - July 14

After another long delay, Ichthyomancy returns with the first half wrap-up update!

The return of Ichthyomancy!
The return of Ichthyomancy!

After a two-week delay due to timing with my move to Ohio and start of a new clinical rotation, I am back in the swing of things for Ichthyomancy. If you check the official leaderboard, it is fully updated, and we now have our top ten players as well.

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 97
SuperRadz 84
Ncchief31 73
Jeremy Hulme 30
Marlon D 22
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 16
dcfish 14
kjt1027 12
dgriot 9
sam1893 5

It's a three-man race at the top of the leaderboard, with Jigokusabre in the lead since the midway point of the first half over SuperRadz and Ncchief31. Those guys have left the rest of the group in the dust for the season's Ichthyomancy race.

But do not fret, Fish Stripers! A second half awaits, and with the second half comes the Second Half Ichthyomancy! Depending on who wins the overall title, the second half leader will also receive an award for their performance! The second half will be important thus for both players of the original overall season game and new players just getting started!

And the second half game begins tonight with the All-Star Game. Just like last season, we will post a live GameThread for the All-Star Game and once again, we will be playing Ichthyomancy tonight. Here are the rules for the All-Star Game:

- Pick the All-Star Game winner. A correct selection will be worth two (2) points.
- Pick the total number of runs and score in the All-Star Game. The closest selection will be worth two (2) points. If you get the actual score, that's three (3) additional points.
- Pick the position player with the most hits (1 point) and pitcher with the most strikeouts (1 point). In case of ties, every player selected who tied for the lead will earn a point.
- Pick the MVP. The correct selection is worth two (2) points.

Your selections should look like this:

All-Star Game Winner
Score (Total runs)
Hitter, Pitcher picks

This past two weeks' Weekly Ichthyomancy Champion is Ncchief31, who had a 21-point two-week period that just beat out Jigokusabre and SuperRadz. You too can have a commanding week just like Ncchief31's, provided you play everyday! Picking everyday makes it easier to score points and win the second half championship!

So start the second half right and make your selections tonight for the All-Star Game. Then tune in with us each and every day for Marlins action in the second half and make your picks, and you too can be an Ichthyomancy champion!