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Fish Bites: A Mishmash of Misery

From Giancarlo Stanton in the newest issue of ESPN the Magazine to early 90's wrestling superstars, this edition of Fish Bites will fill you in on every news story in this post-Ricky Nolasco world that we live in.


At long last, Giancarlo Stanton cavorts naked in spray of water (w/pics, vid); plus Dolphin calls out Pats, Bosh to India, Canes' football honor, Heat & more | Greg Cote's Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog

Giancarlo Stanton romps around in the nude in the latest ESPN the Magazine Body issue. This will probably be the only time a Marlin will be featured in a sports magazine in the near future which may be good or bad.

Marlins bullpen equals post-1974 MLB record in near "perfecto" | Fish Bytes

Despite the multitude of struggles throughout the season, Miami and their bullpen made history by battling 24 different Braves hitters without allowing a base runner.

Miami Marlins: Might outfielder Justin Ruggiano be the next player traded? - South Florida

With Ricky Nolasco now in LA, trade rumors keep on continuing as they're now centered around power hitting outfielder Justin Ruggiano.

Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs are Big Marlins Fans, Who Knew? (Video) | The BIg Lead

This might be more disturbing than Giancarlo's appearing naked in ESPN the Magazine.

The Marlins and Minimum Payrolls | FanGraphs Baseball

If the stories about Stanton and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs weren't enough to depress you, check out Dave Cameron's new piece about Miami's salary situation after the Nolasco trade.

Around the League

MLB All-Star Game: The 2012 All-Stars who collapsed - Baseball Nation

The Mid-Summer Classic is supposed to show off some of the current greats in the game of baseball. But what happen when those "great" players fall of the face of the earth only a year later? They make this list.

The best pitcher Major League Baseball's never heard of - Baseball Nation

Major League Baseball went into a weird direction with their AL candidates for the All-Star Game Final Vote as they've only selected relief pitchers. While all five candidates are worthy options, Rob Neyer teaches the world about the one man who was overlooked.

The Greatest Pitching Duel in Human History - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Taking a break from his usual analysis of the modern game, Jonah Keri takes a look back to the year 1963 as he takes a look at the legendary duel between Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal.

The Rise and Fall of the Milwaukee Brewers - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

As an unabashed Brewers fan, this piece made me reminisce about the glory years of growing up with Milwaukee and the pain that I face when I'm not writing and watching the Miami Marlins.

Rick Reilly basically accuses Chris Davis of PED use -

Example #1,534 of how Rick Reilly is becoming the scum of the sportswriting world.

At Fish Stripes

MLB trade rumors: Ryan Webb trade profile - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins are considering trading a number of relievers, but the most likely candidate to be dealt is righty reliever Ryan Webb.

The Miami Marlins, trades, and money talk, again - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins completed a recent trade that sent away one of the better pitchers available for trade for pennies on the dollar. Why did the Fish get so little in return? Money, dear boy.

MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 4, Atlanta Braves 6 - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins stayed with the Atlanta Braves for much of this matchup, but Henderson Alvarez and the bullpen allowed three unanswered runs, taking a 4-3 Marlins lead and turning it into a 6-4 loss.