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Miami Marlins reflect on 20 years of baseball

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On Sunday afternoon, the Miami Marlins celebrated their 20-year anniversary, and honored the 2003 World Championship team. With two titles in 20 years, many believe the Marlins have a bright future.

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Two World Series titles over a span of 20 years. Teams such as the New York Mets, who haven't won a title since 1986, would be content with such success.

South Florida sports fans demand results. They don't want to hear that they have to wait, and they don't want to listen to a list of excuses used to justify different trades or transactions.

The Miami Heat are winning, and are winning now. They have brought two titles to the same place Lebron James brought his talents, and are still in the process of improving.

The Miami Dolphins continue to improve. First round quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expected to do big things, and the Dolphins signed several big name free agents in hope of having a winning season.

In the eyes of many, the Marlins have done the exact opposite. They have pieced together two quality teams but since have been unable to have the success of the '97 or '03 champion clubs. But if you put it into a certain perspective, they have been quite successful of late.

They were able to build Marlins Park, a baseball only facility that owner Jeffrey Loria dreamed about. They signed free agents, and though they traded them away shortly thereafter, can still say that they tried.

They have compiled young talent, and are eager to start over and begin new. Center fielder Juan Pierre, a member of the '03 club, has been impressed with the effort.

"It's been great," Pierre said of the history of the franchise in an interview with "They have two World Series in 20 years. Stuff happened quickly. They did it two ways. They had a lot of high-priced guys the first time. The second one, a bunch of misfits won it. I think it's a good organization."

Yes, the first time there were several high-priced guys. And, yes, the second time around, there were a lot of misfits. But it just goes to show that both teams with high payrolls and those with a list of players who couldn't find a spot on another team can win championships.

Pierre was one of those misfits. He was a young outfielder, but provided a spark at the top of the lineup. And as a result of his speed and inability to fit in, he gained a ring.

Pierre respects what the Marlins have done. He loves the idea of a baseball only stadium, and feels it will benefit the team in the future.

"It's well needed," Pierre said. "I think now, with the young guys they have in place, there is definitely an upside, and they can build around the stadium. The stadium, it's the Marlins. There is no Dolphins, no Hurricanes. It's the Marlins' stadium."

There are no Dolphins, there is no Heat, and there are no Hurricanes. There is a young baseball team with a rookie manager that in the eyes of many baseball executives will be successful in the years to come.

Sunday afternoon's celebration was just a reminder of what Miami baseball fans will have to do if they want to see another World Series title: Wait for the pieces to come together.