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2013 MLB Draft: Fish Stripes Live Draft Thread

The Miami Marlins are going to be making some important draft picks tonight. Will you be there to witness them? Come enjoy the 2013 MLB Draft with your fellow Fish Stripers!

It's always more fun to draft when you have more people around.
It's always more fun to draft when you have more people around.
Mike Stobe

The Miami Marlins will be on the clock very soon in the 2013 MLB Draft. They are picking sixth in the draft tonight, and they have a chance at an impact player tonight. But how can you, as a Marlins fan enjoy the mundane event of the draft?

Why that's simple! Join yours truly, Eric Weston, Sam Evans, Conor Dorney, and more of your favorite Fish Stripers for tonight's 2013 MLB Draft Live Thread! Come join us as we discuss the very pertinent draft issues of the day, including whom the Marlins will pick, whom the Astros will pick, and how much money teams will have to spend on these youngsters to get them to join on board!

It's the 2013 MLB Draft, and it's live on Fish Stripes!

If you want to catch the stream of the draft, click over to the live draft stream over at

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Take it away guys!

Marlins Draft Selections

1st round, 6th pick: Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina