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2013 MLB Draft: What to expect from Fish Stripes

The 2013 MLB Draft is tonight, and Fish Stripes has you covered in today's festivities. Here's what you can expect from our coverage.

Mike Stobe

The Miami Marlins may be off tonight as far as on-field play is concerned, but there is no doubt that tonight is an important evening for the Marlins' future.

Tonight is the first and second round, including competitive balance picks, of the 2013 MLB Draft, and the Miami Marlins are a prime member of tonight's festivities. Not only do the Marlins have the sixth pick in tonight's draft, but they also boast four selections in tonight's rounds. Those four selections may be critical pieces for the Marlins in the future as the team rebuilds from the 2012 disaster, so the Marlins will definitely be taking tonight's activities seriously.

But what about Fish Stripes? What can you expect from our coverage of tonight's draft? Here are some of the things you will see later today:

- Draft primer: Summary of what is happening for the Marlins in tonight's draft happenings, including the selections the Fish have and some of the choices that have been projected by various mock drafts.

- Live draft thread: Around 6 PM EST, we will post the live draft thread for the 7 PM EST draft. There, you can expect to see myself, Eric Weston, Sam Evans, Conor Dorney, Dakota Schmidt, and more of your favorite Marlins authors as we discuss the draft as it occurs. Pay special attention to the first round, as our experts should be around to discuss the happenings as the Marlins make their all-important sixth pick.

- Profiles: Quick profiles and information on each and every Marlins pick tonight.

- Day 1 Recap: Recapping the Marlins' first day at the draft, including grades for each selection.

As the day goes by, you can expect more coverage of the 2013 MLB Draft right here at Fish Stripes, so keep an eye out all day for your favorite writers throughout the day! Stay tuned right here at Fish Stripes!