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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 1, Philadelphia Phillies 6

The extra-inning heartbreak continues for the Marlins as fall to the Phillies 6-1 in 10 innings after a shameful performance by A.J. Ramos.


Game Breakdown

Last night, the Marlins seemed to be only one break away from a victory over their NL East division rival Philadelphia Phillies. Ricky Nolasco was having another solid performance on the mound by holding the Phillies to only four hits in 6.2 innings. That performance will most likely be forgotten however because of Miami's struggling offense and the heart-breaking, bone-crushing 11th inning grand-slam by John Mayberry that probably hit Don Knotts straight in the noggin.

Thankfully the Marlins and their fans didn't have much time to sulk over the agonizing lost as they were able to get up in time for some afternoon baseball. Stud prospect Jacob Turner toed the rubber and took the mound after a fantastic Saturday performance against the Mets. The 22 year old Turner didn't have the masterpiece he had only days prior but was still extremely solid and efficient by only giving up one earned run on four hits in a six inning performance.

Unfortunately, that outing would be washed away and forgotten because of the offense's continued offensive inabilities. The future may look bright with Giancarlo Stanton starting his rehab assignments over in Jupiter, Florida, the present is still extremely bleak and terrifying. Besides a solo shot by Derek Dietrich, the team's offense was barley even able to get a base-runner past 2nd.

Much of that can be attributed to Miami's poor offense but you also have to look at the brilliant performance of Cole Hamels. The once solid Hamels is now a struggling veteran who now has a 1-9 record by his name on stat books worldwide was just flat-out fantastic striking out 11 Marlins in a seven inning performance.

Despite Miami's offensive struggles and Hamels' brilliant performance on the mound, the Phillies weren't able to grab hold of the lead as the game went into the final innings. Similar to the game from the previous night, neither Philadelphia or the Marlins were able to grab hold of the lead during the regularly scheduled nine innings which lead into extra innings for the 2nd night in a row.

That story changed once A.J. Ramos walked out of the Marlins bullpen and stepped onto the mound. He was on the verge of ending the top of the 10 with two Philadelphia runners on base until veteran Jimmy Rollins rolled a single past 2nd base which put the game at 2-1. While a simple single by Rollins seems rather ordinary, the extraordinary took place when the mamonth Ryan Howard hit a triple which game the team a 4-1 lead. However, the exhausted Howard didn't have the worry about hustling his way home because Domonic Brown landed the knockout blow to the hearts of Marlins fans as he landed a two-run blast to the seats of Citizens Bank Park which put the score at 6-1 which ended up being the final.

Looking Ahead

The Marlins as a team will have an off day before a weekend series at Citi Field against the Mets but the organzation will still be busy as they begin Day 1 of the MLB Draft. Of course coverage will be broadcasted live on MLB Network but I personally recommend you stay at Fish Stripes for coverage associated with the Draft and the Marlins.

Source: FanGraphs