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Miami Marlins trade rumors: Ricky Nolasco-Dodgers trade could happen today, per report

Jim Duquette of MLB Network Radio mentioned on Twitter that a Ricky Nolasco trade between the Miami Marlins trade and the Los Angeles Dodgers could occur as early as today.

Could the Marlins be taking the ball away from Ricky Nolasco as early as today?
Could the Marlins be taking the ball away from Ricky Nolasco as early as today?

We have discussed the Ricky Nolasco trade situation all day, including the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers are "deep into trade talks" for Nolasco and what kind of prospect return the Fish could receive in a trade.

Well, Jim Duquette of MLB Network Radio says a trade between the two parties could be closer than ever, and it might even happen today (H/T SB Nation)

The rush to get Nolasco traded is understandable, as the Marlins want to squeeze as much trade value out of him as possible. At any time, the old Nolasco who cannot perform up to his strikeout and walk numbers could show up and ruin any chance of a decent return for the Fish. At the same time, the receiving team would want to get as many starts out of Nolasco as possible, and right now he is scheduled to start the Marlins' next game tomorrow night versus the San Diego Padres. Both the Marlins and the Dodgers have an incentive to get this trade done today.

As for the return, there is no indication about who the Marlins could receive back from the deal. As mentioned just a few hours ago, the Fish would be in line to receive two types of returns between higher-ranked B-rated prospects (as per John Sickels's preseason rankings at Minor League Ball) if the team eats the remaining salary on Nolasco's contract, but lesser players in the C-rated levels if the team passes on paying his contract. Then again, the Dodgers are so loaded with money that it is possible they would accept a deal for a higher-ranked player and still pick up the tab, so it remains to be seen how beneficial a trade this would be for Miami.

Trading with the Dodgers at the deadline remains one of the more profitable ventures in baseball, so the Marlins may have chosen the right dance partner. The devil is still in the details however, so there is little we can say right now other than that Nolasco is almost certainly on his way out sooner rather than later.