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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 4, Minnesota Twins 2

The Marlins continued their winning ways in the month of June on Tuesday, scoring late to knock off the Minnesota Twins by a final of 4-2.

Steve Mitchell

Coming off a strong showing against the defending champion San Francisco Giants this past weekend, the Marlins returned home for the first game of a short, two-game series with the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday. The bats were quiet until the sixth inning, and the Fish were eventually able to pull out the victory by a final score of 4-2.


With their victory over the Twins on Tuesday, the Marlins have now won four of their last five games. Yes. You're reading that correctly. The Miami Marlins have won four of their last five games and are looking more and more like a complete team with each passing day.

Keep in mind that these are also not gimmicky victories. Sure, the Giants are in fourth place in the NL West right now, but they also won a championship less than a year ago. The Marlins went into AT&T Park and took three games from the defending champions. They did it with a little bit of pitching, a little bit of hitting, and a little bit of hitting. Just like any well-rounded baseball team would. With five games remaining on the homestand, it's quite realistic to expect these Marlins to win three of them. Boy, it sure is nice to look at games on the schedule and think "PIECE OF CAKE" and know that you aren't actually lying to yourself. That's progress, my friends.

MORE-cell Ozuna

Like all baseball players, Marcell Ozuna recently went through a slump at the plate. This also happened to be the first time that Marcell Ozuna went through a slump at the plate in the big leagues. In the last week, however, it appears that Ozuna has broken said slump. Ozuna went 2-for-4 on Tuesday, driving in two runs to help put the Fish on top. Ozuna offered up this interesting quote to in regards to his approach at the plate in his recent slump-busting success:

"I faced Tim Lincecum in San Francisco, and in my first at-bat, I popped out to second," Ozuna said. "Polanco told me to think up-the-middle, and I changed the approach and drove in a run. Since then, that's been my approach, because when you think up-the-middle, things get easier. You have a bigger zone to work with."

Early into his big league experience, Ozuna talked about not relying so much on his power and just trying to rack up base hits. He was very good at that and it appears that he may be going back to that. With the Marlins winning games, I vote that he continues with this approach.

Looking Ahead

The Fish finish out their series with Minnesota on Wednesday before welcoming the San Diego Fathers to town for a four-game set. I'm so sure that nobody has made that joke/reference before.

Source: FanGraphs