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Fish Stripes Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: June 24-29

The Miami Marlins trucked along to a decent week, but it was one Ichthyomancy player who dominated this week's Ichthy standings.

One man stands alone at the top of the Ichthyomancy standings right now.
One man stands alone at the top of the Ichthyomancy standings right now.
Marc Serota

This was one of the few decent weeks the Miami Marlins have had in some time, but only one player had a great week this week in ichthyomancy.

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 82
SuperRadz 65
Ncchief31 51
Jeremy Hulme 30
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 16
dcfish 14
kjt1027 12
Marlon D 12
dgriot 9
auh11 4

Thanks to a fantastic 11-point week, Jigokusabre has strengthened his lead at the top. This week, he took advantage of the attendance column by dominating the games against the San Francisco Giants; he nailed each attendance pick from those three games. Right now, he holds a dominating 17-point lead over SuperRadz, but if there's anything we know about Ichthyomancy, it's that no lead is safe.

Props to Ncchief31, who just broke the 50-point mark with a nice seven-point week, and defending champion Jeremy Hulme, who returned with a five-point week to break into the 30's.

Our Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship this week goes to Jigokusabre and his 11-point week. Congrats!

Want to play Ichthyomancy? There's still time to get in on the overall season game if you contribute everyday, and the second-half competition still looms! Read the rules here and get in on the action today!