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Fish Stripes Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: May 26-June 16

After a significant wait, the latest major Ichthyomancy update is finally here!

Fish Stripes readers are happy to see Ichthyomancy updates back!
Fish Stripes readers are happy to see Ichthyomancy updates back!

I know, I know, I've been backlogged with the Fish Stripes Ichthyomancy updates. I apologize profusely for that, Fish Stripes community, but I hope today's major update up through yesterday's finale versus the St. Louis Cardinals is enough to quench your Ichthy thirsts!

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 70
SuperRadz 61
Ncchief31 44
Jeremy Hulme 25
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 15
dcfish 14
kjt1027 12
Marlon D 11
dgriot 9
auh11 4

The big development really is that Jigokusabre has taken a solid nine-point lead over SuperRadz, who was only able to squeeze out seven points during the three-week gap. Jigo, on the other hand, plied his craft daily and picked up 23 points for his troubles, vaulting him to a nice 70 points.

The other big points gainer is Ncchief31, who picked up 16 points in my Ichthy-update absence.

We also want to welcome aboard readers Thelonius_Friar and auh11, as they are the two newest readers to pick up points. Thelonius_Friar is a relative newcomer to our site, while auh11 had four points prior to the break.

As you guys may have heard, the stakes are large! I'll be handing out prizes for players who win halves and the overall winner as well! Prizes have yet to be determined, but if you're near 20 points, you may only need a slow streak and some continuous play to get back in this game, either for this half or for certainly the second half prize!

So get in the game now and start playing Ichthyomancy today! Here are the rules for the game!