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Miami Marlins Week in Review: Marlins' youth shining

This week: the Miami Marlins have their own crop of young stars, relievers could be on the block, other (very) early trade deadline thoughts.


Editor's Note: Please give a warm welcome to Mohamed Abdihakim, who will be writing Friday Week In Review's for Fish Stripes! Mohamed comes with the background in journalism and Miami fandom, so he should fit right in with the team. Welcome! -MJ

Youth on Display

The National League has been abuzz with some pretty dazzling young guns.

Yasiel Puig is turning his first year as a pro into script-friendly dramatics. Didi Gregorious, touted by GM Kevin Towers as comparing to a "young Jeter", is proving his worth this year (.985 fld%, just three errors). Shelby Miller is striking out just about anything carrying a bat.

With the National League witnessing such a dramatic youth movement, Miami's young studs seems to be playing under the national radar. Granted, an abysmal record on the season doesn't warrant much attention from national media. With that being said, Marlins Park is home to some of the league's most exciting talents.

Giancarlo Stanton certainly thinks so. In an interview with the Miami Herald's Clark Spencer, Stanton made it clear, "this shouldn't be a popularity contest".

Of course, he's right. Ideally, talent warrants proportional national attention, but the media world just doesn't work that way. Regardless, we've seen Jose Fernandez (2.68 SO/BB ratio) light it up from start to start, including a gem against fellow NL ace Matt Harvey.

Marcel Ozuna carries with him a .352 OBP and has struck out just 35 times in 153 at-bats. His defense has been solid as well, saving a combined 8 runs with just two errors in 93 chances.

Though not receiving any major attention from baseball media, it's worth noting that both Ozuna and Fernandez are just beginning their careers. The fact that their performances are getting lost amid the collective sparkle of the NL's current youth movement doesn't hinder a undoubtable future in the spotlight. In other words: play on, they'll see you soon enough.

Arms on the Block

The Marlins have some time before the July 31st trade deadline.That being said, it's never too early to do some speculating.

As mentioned in an earlier post by our own Scott Gelm, Ryan Webb and Mike Dunn seem to be the most likely candidates among Miami's bullpen to be moved by the deadline. The Marlins see something in Cishek, who's still developing, that they'd rather keep.

Ricky Nolasco is an interesting piece in prospective trade talks. Nolasco gives up one homerun per nine innings. He's limiting home runs this year by relying more heavily on his sinker ball. His WHIP is at 1.198 at this point in the season, higher than you'd like.

Per nine innings, the Marlins' righty is averaging 7.4 strikeouts per nine innings. Add a 2.3 walks per nine innings rate to that, and Nolasco's stat sheet on the season doesn't look so bad.

What remains to be seen is what the Marlins plan on doing with him. As rumors swirl, it's worth questioning what Miami can get back in return value.

One of the facts that works in favor of trading Nolasco is that he's a commodity that just about any pitching staff in the National League could use. The usage percentages have changed, but Nolasco maintains a low 90's fastball and sharp secondary pitches. Just to rattle off a few possible destinations: Mets, Phillies, Diamondbacks, San Francisco, Colorado, San Diego.