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Miami Marlins news: Adeiny Hechavarria hits a grand slam, Roy Halladay pulled from the game

The Miami Marlins have jumped to a 9-0 lead against Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies, and a big part of that has been Adeiny Hechavarria, who hit a grand slam in the third inning.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins were facing Roy Halladay in this afternoon's game against the Philadelphia Phillies, and that typically implies the coming of a low-scoring affair on the Fish's side. After all, this is the same pitcher who once threw a perfect game against the Marlins and who owns a career 2.93 ERA in 101 1/3 innings before today's start against Miami.

But this season's Halladay may not be the same pitcher of a year or two ago, as he has struggled for most of this year. The Marlins tried to prove that today, as the team jumped out to a 9-0 lead by the end of the third inning. A big contributor to that lead was shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, who just hit a grand slam in the top of the third inning against Halladay to pull the Marlins up to nine runs on the day.

Hechavarria's home run to right field was initially ruled in play by the first base umpire, as it bounced back into play after hitting some part of the odd railing in Citizen's Bank Park. On instant replay, it appears the ball bounces off of the front railing of the two-railing system on the fence at the park. The front railing is in play and the Philies correctly played the ball off the bounce and threw it home, initially only allowing two runs to score, as the ball was hit hard and the runners were entering into a home run trot before the confusion began. However, the umpires reviewed the play and called it a home run despite the evidence on television pointing otherwise.

For Hechavarria, it was his second home run of the season and his first grand slam. It was also his second hit of the day with the bases loaded, as he stepped up in the first inning with the bags loaded and lined a triple into the right field gap. This time, he hit the ball the other way a little harder and it yielded the long ball. It has been a seven-RBI day for Hechavarria, the fourth such game by a Marlin in team history.

Roy Halladay was pulled from the game afterwards, having surrendered nine runs on four hits and four walks. He also hit Justin Ruggiano with a pitch twice, meaning he gave up six baserunners due to lack of control, a strictly un-Halladay move. Halladay lasted just 2 1/3 innings and threw 65 pitches before being relieved by Raul Valdes.