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Miami Marlins news: Marcell Ozuna hits first career major league home run

Miami Marlins rookie outfielder Marcell Ozuna hit his first home run of the season in tonight's game versus the Philadelphia Phillies.

Jason Arnold

The Miami Marlins are still looking for an offensive spark in their lineup, especially with the injury to Giancarlo Stanton. So far, Marcell Ozuna has delivered some decent offense to the team, but we finally got to witness some of his famed power from the minor leagues. With no one on and no outs in the top of the second inning, Ozuna hit a long home run against Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels.

Ozuna lifted a 92 mph fastball from Hamels out to deep left field, but the home run looked much more majestic than it ended up being. On the swing, Ozuna appeared to "get all of" that ball, as he hit it a long way up. However, the distance on the home run ended up being fairly mediocre, as it turned into a fence-scraper that just got into either the plants in the front row or the first few rows of seats in Citizens Bank Park. Nevertheless, it was an impressive swing with what looked like very easy power generated from the arms and hips. None of Ozuna's swings looked any different, yet he lifted that pitch well.

Ozuna was well-known for hitting home runs in the minors. His scouting report is plastered with comments on his excellent power, and his numbers back it up. He hit 21 home runs in Low-A Greensboro in just 298 plate appearances in 2010, then had 20-homer years in 2011 and 2012 in the minors. He is now hitting .438/.438/.750 (.509 wOBA) to start the season.

That is currently the Marlins' only run, as the Fish are up 2-0 in the third inning following a Chris Valaika solo home run.