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MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 1, Tampa Bay Rays 3

Tom Koehler's strong performance for the Miami Marlins was overshadowed by the stronger performance by Tampa Bay Rays starter Roberto Hernandez, who shut down the Fish en route to a 3-1 win.

Marc Serota

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 16,671
Hero of the Game: No one, though I would be willing to award points for Tom Koehler
Goat of the Game: Derek Dietrich (-0.115 WPA)
Play of the Game: Kelly Johnson singled to right field in the first inning. Ben Zobrist scored. Matt Joyce advanced to third base (-0.076 WPA)

The Miami Marlins got a strong performance from starting pitcher Tom Koehler, who somehow went eight innings for the Fish and allowed just three runs during the game. The Tampa Bay Rays were by no means "fooled" by Koehler and his pitches, but he did enough to hold back a passable Rays offense. Koehler struck out four batters while walking just one. He was able to induce seven swings and misses in 97 pitches, though it should be more surprising for the Marlins that he managed to get through 24 outs and 29 batters with only 97 pitches thrown at all. Koehler was able to maintain his velocity throughout the game as well. as evidenced by this velocity chart.



The unfortunate problem was that the Marlins' offense was shut down by yet another unknown pitcher. Roberto Hernandez was a cast-away from the ugly early 2010's Cleveland Indians rotations, but he somehow managed to mow down the Fish to the tune of three hits and only one run in 8 2/3 innings. Hernandez's only run allowed was an unearned one, as Matt Joyce's first inning throw on a fly ball skipped past Evan Longoria and allowed Chris Coghlan to score from second base after attempting to tag up to third on the out. The Fish reached second base once after that, on a Marcell Ozuna stolen base.

The Marlins will try once more tomorrow night to halt their now eight-game losing streak and avoid the four-game home-and-home sweep to the Rays.