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Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League: Update #4

The Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League has a brand new league leader.

All right! New leader at the top of the Fish Stripes Fantasy Baseball League!
All right! New leader at the top of the Fish Stripes Fantasy Baseball League!
Mike Ehrmann

Don't look now, but there is a new leader in the 2013 Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League. After spending most of the season thus far at the top, LeBron Bats Cleanup? has yielded the top spot to a new competitor.

Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1. Hungry Boars 3238.33 107.33 - 9 9
2. LeBron Bats Cleanup? 3221.33 53.00 17.00 7 9
3. Urban Achievers 3117.67 101.00 120.66 4 23
4. Jigokusabremetrics 2964.00 37.00 274.33 8 15
5. Incidentalomas 2845.33 57.00 393.00 2 6
6. FIP Stripes 2793.33 68.00 445.00 10 8
7. Ehsan 2749.33 54.00 489.00 1 -
8. Kelly's Crushers 2639.00 178.00 599.33 11 9
9. HackensackBarbarians 2612.33 70.00 626.00 5 7
10. Almagro Dynamo 2440.33 47.00 798.00 3 3
11. Team 'Merica 2307.33 -1.00 931.00 6 7

The Hungry Boars, led by Fish Striper Plaz, have taken the lead over willmueller's LeBron Bats Cleanup? team. Those Hungry Boars have been led by a balanced attack and have benefited from Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura's breakout campaign thus far. Segura is batting .333/.381/.537 (.391 wOBA) and as a result is 13th in the league among position players in points with 241. In fact, the Boars' two best hitters are at the scarcest positions in the game, as Segura and Yadier Molina at catcher lead the way for their team.

Of course, it also helps to have Clayton Kershaw (290.33 points) and Hyun-Jin Ryu (226.33) to help out on the other side.

Those forces are battling against LeBron Bats Cleanup? and the team's force of four 200-point starers, led by the leader Adam Wainwright (309.33 points). Wainwright, Mat Latos, Cliff Lee, and Patrick Corbin are leading the charge to take back the league lead.

Over at fifth place, I'm sitting there. My team finally got Brian McCann back from injury, and Zack Greinke's return seems imminent as he pitched a rehab start already. Despite a reliable offensive effort, the pitching staff beyond Jordan Zimmermann (270 points) and Trevor Cahill (206 points) has been mediocre and difficult to find. My team is in need of help in that department and at shortstop.

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