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Giancarlo Stanton injury: Fish Stripes author reactions

The authors of Fish Stripes respond to the devastating Giancarlo Stanton injury and the subsequent promotion of Marcell Ozuna.

This lonely Marlins fan contemplates his reaction to Giancarlo Stanton's injury.
This lonely Marlins fan contemplates his reaction to Giancarlo Stanton's injury.
Marc Serota

You have seen a lot of responses from Fish Stripes regarding Giancarlo Stanton's right hamstring injury, but some of our authors still have a few more words to say. Here is where they can tell you what they think about the ongoing Stanton situation.

Scott G, Fish Bites

For the Miami Marlins, it appeared that things were just beginning to get better. Right fielder Giancarlo Stanton hit three home runs over two games last weekend, and it looked like for the first time all season he was getting comfortable at the plate. After injuring his hamstring and being placed on the disabled list on Monday night, the Marlins are without a key bat, making their lineup even less intimidating than it was before.

Calling up outfield prospect Marcell Ozuna to replace Stanton may or may not be the right move. While he can produce, Miami could be promoting Ozuna too soon, as he only played in nine games with Double-A Jacksonville so far this season. It is a risk, but by promoting Ozuna, the Marlins are looking to create a consistent offense. If Ozuna scuffles and gets discouraged, though, it will be another case of promoting a player too soon.

Perhaps one unnoticed part of the roster moves is the fact that Joe Mahoney will be going on the DL as well. Mahoney was the only natural first baseman the Marlins had who was healthy, so it appears as if it will continue to be the Greg Dobbs show at first until Logan Morrison gets healthy.

Andrew Townes, Fish Bites

Giancarlo Stanton's injury has me worried. He was starting to heat up at the plate and now he's gone. Without Stanton there is no question that the Marlins are weaker team, and a less interesting team to boot. But what has me worried the most is that Stanton is injured yet again, offering further proof to the argument that Stanton is an injury prone player like Jose Reyes or Evan Longoria. It may be wise to expect Stanton to have some DL time in seasons to come.

As far as calling up Marcell Ozuna, I'm not sure the Marlins made the best choice. Ozuna figures to be a part of the Marlins' future and I do not think it wise to start his service time now. This is the same concern I had with the Jose Fernandez promotion to start the season, but I had more confidence in Jose Fernandez's ability to play baseball at a major league level. Ozuna should be fun to watch and for that I am excited, but I cannot help but question the Merits of this promotion.