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Giancarlo Stanton injury: Watch the Stanton hamstring injury play in tonight's Marlins / Mets game

Watch the play from tonight's Miami Marlins / New York Mets game in which Giancarlo Stanton injured his right leg.

Marc Serota

The Miami Marlins suffered a potentially devastating setback to their already dismal 2013 season when, in tonight's Marlins / Mets game, Giancarlo Stanton injured his right leg while running out a ground ball in the bottom of the tenth inning. Stanton dribbled a weak grounder to the pitcher and ran hard, but as he hit the bag, he came up limping.

Courtesy of Conor Moylan of MLB Daily Dish, here is a GIF of the play in question.



Initially, it seems as though Stanton grabs the right leg after hitting the bag, and in particular he reaches for the back right underneath the buttocks. That typically implies a hamstring injury, and indeed the Marlins have confirmed that it is a hamstring injury.

The injury did look akin to the one suffered by Casey Kotchman earlier in the year. Kotchman is still on the disabled list recovering from his strained hamstring.

No official word yet from the Marlins about Stanton's injury status aside from the current diagnosis, so stay tuned to Fish Stripes as we continue to cover this developing story and the ongoing game against the Mets.