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Video: Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton hits two home runs, drives in three against Chicago Cubs

Giancarlo Stanton started off the 2013 season very slow, but he has picked it up in the last two days. Here is the video from his two home runs against the Chicago Cubs in the Marlins' 6-4 win.


The Miami Marlins won the series finale versus the Chicago Cubs and avoided a four-game sweep, but the story of the game was not the Marlins' relatively decisive victory. It was not even specifically about the offensive outburst of six runs. The story of the game was all about Giancarlo Stanton and his home runs.

Stanton hit two home runs on his way to three hits and a walk in four plate appearances. The two home runs were the second and third of the 2013 season, and they followed him hitting his first home run of the year last night. In total, Stanton has launched three homers on the year, all to left field, and these two ended up being souvenirs for either the crowd in the stands or the folks in the Clevelander enjoying the Sunday afternoon game.

The video of the first one can be seen here. Off the bat, it looks like it is going to be a majestic home run of the typical Stanton variety, akin to the one he hit last night. However, it was hit a little more like a line drive and eventually lost its height and headed down towards the Clevelander. The ball eventually hit the wall of the left field seating just above the Clevelander and bounced into the bar.

Perhaps the most important part of that home run was the call made by Marlins color commentator Tommy Hutton. During a discussion of Stanton's home run from last night, which was ruled by ESPN Home Run Tracker at a true distance of 440 feet, Stanton hit this home run. That prompted Hutton to yell out "GO CHECK ON THAT ONE!" in his second over-the-top, hilarious sound byte of the season.

The second on is here.

This home run is more of a laser and less of a towering hit, but it was quite impressive nonetheless. This one cleared the fence in a hurry and went into the Clevelander directly, providing Marlins fans in the bar yet another souvenir to take home.

Finally, you can check out Stanton's full highlights as well, including his RBI single to tie the game up in the sixth inning, which was the most important play of the game by WPA. Stanton had a mighty good day, and the Marlins did too thanks to the 6-4 win.