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Fish Stripes Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: April 21-27

The latest developments in the yearly quest for the Ichthyomancy crown, including the current leader expanding his lead and a number of players faltering during Double Ichthy Points day.

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Another week has passed, and that means that Fish Stripers across the site have accomplished another week of Ichthyomancy picks. This week, we dealt with the always dangerous Double Ichthy Points day, in which you can strike big on your picks or lose points. The doubleheader versus the Minnesota Twins was worth a few points to some people, but it ended up being a lot of negatives for Marlins fans who missed their selections.

Here are the standings.

FishStriper Points
SuperRadz 29
Jigokusabre 22
Jeremy Hulme 14
dcfish 12
dgriot 9
kjt1027 8
Ncchief31 6
Marlon D 6
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 4
Reeves Army, willmueller 1

There was some definite movement over the past week on Ichthyomancy. SuperRadz continued his strong week thanks to a series of attendance gueses, while Jigokusabre was only able to keep his old point total due to some lost points on Double Ichthy Day. Jeremy Hulme missed a lot of picks this week thanks to his phone situation away from home, so he stayed stable.

Our newest member to the double-digits is dcfish, who picked up five points thanks to guessing both Double Ichthy Points Hero of the Games correctly. He sits pretty with 12 points and in fourth place.

Some of our members of the double-digits club from last week dropped thanks to the Double Ichthy Points bet, including dgriot and Ncchief31.

SuperRadz continues to dominate the lead, and it has been in large part thanks to his attendance score. This is important to Icthy players because it stresses how important getting your picks in every day is. The more players who make picks, the harder it is for one person to nail all the attendance selections. If we can get eight or nine consistent picks per day, attendance will become more difficult to dominate, meaning that you all will be able to grab a few two-pointers.

This week's Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship goes to SuperRadz, with a close second to dcfish. This is Radz's second weekly win, so you Fish Stripers need to get on your game and start inching forward.

Want to play Ichthyomancy? You still have plenty of time to catch up, just read the rules here and start submitting your picks today!