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Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton hits first home run of the season against Chicago Cubs

The Miami Marlins have been devoid of power all season long, but Giancarlo Stanton finally broke through against the Chicago Cubs in his 76th plate appearance of the season with his first home run of the year.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Marlins have had difficulty hitting for power, in particularly with regards to the home run, in 2013. This statement applies especially to Giancarlo Stanton, who was lacking in the home run department for a long time. Stanton went a full 75 plate appearances without a home run to start 2013.

Well, tonight he ended that drought in a big way.

Stanton hit his first home run of the season on his 76th plate appearance, and it was no dainty wall-scraper. He took an 88 mph offering down the middle of the plate from Travis Wood and sent it a mile away to left field, clearing the scoreboard that he infamously pummeled last season with a home run off of Jamie Moyer. Remember that doozy?


Stanton hit the home run over that scoreboard.

If there was any doubt that Stanton still had home run power, this shot in the first inning may have cleared up some questions. Stanton displayed his mammoth strength once again, hitting this ball an estimated 472 feet. If this is indeed the true distance, this would be the second-longest home run of the year. Stanton now owns the top five home run distances in Marlins Park.

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UPDATE: Here's the link to Stanton's monster home run.