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Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League: Update #2

The second update of the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League is here! LeBron Bats Cleanup continues to widen his lead over the other competitors.

Lebron Bats Cleanup is getting harder to catch in the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League
Lebron Bats Cleanup is getting harder to catch in the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League

The Fish Stripers Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League had another nice week, especially if you are the owner of LeBron Bats Cleanup. Fish Striper willmueller and his team continue to dominate the early standings, as he widened his lead over the trio of second place contenders.

Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1. LeBron Bats Cleanup? 2209.67 11.67 - 8 7
2. Hungry Boars 1947.33 67.66 262.34 10 7
3. Incidentalomas 1944.00 150.00 265.67 3 4
4. Jigokusabremetrics 1922.33 51.00 287.34 9 12
5. Urban Achievers 1823.67 66.67 386.00 5 14
6. Kelly's Crushers 1751.33 107.33 458.34 1 6
7. HackensackBarbarians 1742.00 140.33 467.67 6 6
8. Ehsan 1730.33 142.00 479.34 2 -
9. FIP Stripes 1722.00 104.00 487.67 11 7
10. Team 'Merica 1569.33 30.00 640.34 7 5
11. Almagro Dynamo 1521.00 36.00 688.67 4 3

How is LeBron Bats Cleanup? doing this? It helps when you own some of the world leaders in points such as Shin-Soo Choo (230 points, leads all batters) and Adam Wainwright (257.67 points, leads all pitchers by a wide margin). In fact, willmueller's team has been commanded by his pitching, as he also owns the third- (Cliff Lee) and fourth-ranked (Mat Latos) pitchers in the league right now.

As for the other three contenders, they are separated by 20 points and may stay that way for some time now. Plaz's Hungry Boars have taken my previous second-place spot, by they only have me by two points at the moment. Jigokusabre's Jigokusabremetrics (kudos to the name) have played a little catch-up this week and have moved in firmly into the second place competition.

But can anyone catch LeBron Bats Cleanup? Clearly willmueller is bringing some of the Miami Heat's vibes into his success. That's not fair.