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MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 2, Chicago Cubs 4

The Miami Marlins cannot get by the Chicago Cubs and Anthony Rizzo's two home runs, and the Fish lose again.


Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 16,017
Hero of the Game: No one
Goat of the Game: Wade LeBlanc (-0.224 WPA)
Play of the Game: Anthony Rizzo homered in the first inning. Dave Sappelt scored. (-0179 WPA)

The Miami Marlins lost on the back of, well, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo versus the Marlins' starting pitcher Wade LeBlanc. The Fish struggled to get their offense going, but it was Rizzo's two home runs, with Dave Sappelt scoring both times, that sealed the game early for the Cubs.

LeBlanc had his third straight poor outing and seems like he is on his way to exiting the rotation once Henderson Alvarez returns from the disabled list. LeBlanc gave up the two two-run homers along with six more hits. He had only two strikeouts and a walk to his name, but he allowed too many baserunners, and especially too many at a critical time. Rizzo's home runs were not in much doubt either, lending credence to the idea that LeBlanc is vulnerable to the long ball.

Meanwhile, Scott Feldman did just enough and, more importantly, got just enough help from his defense to hold off the Marlins from scoring. The Fish notched two runs off of Feldman on seven hits, including a solo home run from first baseman Joe Mahoney. Mahoney's shot was a no-doubter to right field as well, but it unfortunately came at the top of an inning. Meanwhile, the rest of the Marlins got multiple baserunners on in three innings and only scored on one other instance. The team also hit into two double plays that ended up killing rallies.

The Marlins will challenge the Cubs again tomorrow night in the hopes to at least get a spit of this series.