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Fish Bites: World Is Going Crazy Over Giancarlo Stanton

On this episode of Fish Bites, Dakota Schmidt takes a deep look at Giancarlo Stanton, a rumored trade from 2007 and even a list involving Antonio Alfonseca

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Miami Weekend Weather Forecast -

If the winter weather of Minnesota deperessed all of you Floridians, than take a look at the forecast for this weekend when the Marlins go back home to take on the Cubs.

Miami Marlins' Greg Dobbs keep upbeat view

The Marlins veteran gives some solid advice to the young players on the team about how to handle the rough start.

Scoreboard | | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball

The dream minor league outfield is starting to shape up as Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich are now active on the Jacksonville Suns.

Miami Marlins Top 50 players - South Florida

Don't know when this list was made but here's a look at who the people at the Sun-Sentinel think are the top 50 players in team history.

How Big a Year is This for Giancarlo Stanton? | FanGraphs Baseball

FanGraphs' Jeff Sullivan takes a look at how Stanton's 2013 season will effect his value either with an extension or blockbuster trade this upcoming fall.

Around the League

Where Have All The Stolen Bases Gone? | FanGraphs Baseball

Dave Cameron digs deep and tries to find why there haven't been as many stolen bases so far this year compared to the past.

Is Any Team More Collapse Prone Than the Tigers? | Beyond the Box Score

A look behind how collapse prone the Detroit Tigers really are.

The Ground Rule Single Podcast

A cool new podcast that I've been listening to that's different from most because it takes a look at the game from a fan's point of view rather than that of advanced stats experts.

What should the future of No. 42 look like? - Baseball Nation

Rob Neyer takes a look behind how the MLB handles the legacy of Jackie Robinson.

Not even Mr. Freeze can stop Justin Upton - ESPN SweetSpot Blog

Can Justin Upton be stopped? Probably not because Upton was red hot on Tuesday even in the cold Colorado weather.

Fish Stripes

MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 3, Minnesota Twins 4 - Fish Stripes

Recap of the first game of yesterday's double-header where Minnesota barley squeeked out a win against Miami.

MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 8, Minnesota Twins 5- Fish Stripes

Look back at the final game of the double-header where the Marlins had a productive outing and beat Minnesota.

Miguel Cabrera, Fish Stripes reflect on potential Marlins - Angels trade in 2007 - Fish Stripes

Michael Jong hops in his DeLorean and goes way back to 2007 to take a look at a rumored trade involving Miguel Cabrera going to the Angels.

Miami Marlins still showing clubhouse chemistry off the field - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins are struggling on the field, but if the latest hijinks with Rob Brantly and Miguel Olivo are any indication, the team is not suffering off the field because of the losses.

Giancarlo Stanton's struggles and the Miami Marlins offense - Fish Stripes

The early-season struggles of Marlins' slugger Giancarlo Stanton gives more evidence as to why the club's offense has been so anemic in 2013.