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Fish Stripes Caption Contest: Alex Sanabia is surprised

The Miami Marlins did not get a chance to play tonight, but you get a chance to play a game we left a while ago: the Fish Stripes Caption Contest! Our special guest, Alex Sanabia!

Jamie Sabau

We did not have a Miami Marlins game tonight, so I figured that here on Fish Stripes, we could include our own game to play to kill the time until tomorrow's doubleheader against the Minnesota Twins. So we re-debut, for a limited time only, our old Fish Stripes Caption Contest (previously known as Wild Pitch)!

This week's hilariously poor topic: Alex Sanabia apparently "preparing for his next pitch" in his start versus the Cincinnati Reds. Had he been intently staring into Rob Brantly's glove or appearing to be contemplating what next to throw, how to approach Shin-Soo Choo at the plate without hitting him, or heck, the meaning of the universe for all I care, I would have bought this as "preparing for his next pitch."

But whatever he is doing here, it is not a typical pitch preparation.

So what is he doing, Fish Stripers? Give me your best caption for this amazing photo and we'll update the results later this week! Anything you rec will get nominated and we'll vote on a winner!