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Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League: Update #1

The Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League is in full swing, and early on, one team has established itself a friendly early lead. But can yours truly and other Fish Stripers catch up?

The ladies of the Clevelander are loving the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League action thus far.
The ladies of the Clevelander are loving the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League action thus far.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Last month, we debuted the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League, and the teams were drafted a few nights before the start of the regular season. Things have been simmering for the first month of the season, and I allowed a good cushion before seeing just how well the clubs were doing, but now that we are almost out of April, it is time to take a look at our first update of the league!

What do the standings look like?

Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1. LeBron Bats Cleanup? 1574.67 81.00 - 11 7
2. Incidentalomas 1456.33 48.66 118.34 4 3
3. Hungry Boars 1445.67 74.00 129.00 10 5
4. Urban Achievers 1340.67 101.67 234.00 6 12
5. FIP Stripes 1309.33 94.00 265.34 3 1
6. Jigokusabremetrics 1245.67 34.00 329.00 9 10
7. Kelly's Crushers 1228.33 64.66 346.34 1 3
8. Ehsan 1223.33 4.00 351.34 2 -
9. HackensackBarbarians 1192.00 53.00 382.67 7 6
10. Team 'Merica 1174.67 61.00 400.00 8 5
11. Almagro Dynamo 1104.67 56.67 470.00 5 2

LeBron Bats Cleanup, captained by Fish Striper willmueller, has the early lead on all teams. He is at least 100 points of the next competitor, and there are two teams that are neck-a-neck for second place as of right now. The Incidentalomas, drafted and lead by yours truly, hold the second-place spot, but the Hungry Boars of Plaz are right behind, looking to jockey for early position.

It's a long season, so any number of teams can still catch up. Team 'Merica of longtime Fish Striper d.og.o.b.g.y.n. and Almardo Dynamo led by diegotz (you need to join the comments more! Haven't seen you on the site often!) are the trailers, currently 400 points or more behind. But with the season just in its infancy, there is still plenty of time to compete.

Which players are the early leaders in points? Justin Upton, owned in the league by Almargo Dynamo, and his nine home runs lead the way with 171 points, but you would be surprised at how close the competition is. Carlos Gonzalez of Almargo Dynamo (how are you behind?) is next with 163 points, followed by current Lebron Bats Cleanup? MVP Shin-Soo Choo at 153 points. My point leader, David Wright, follows the list at 132 points.

On the pitching side, Adam Wainwright owns the league lead with 201 points so far this season, making LeBron Bats Cleanup? very happy. FIP Stripes and owner Andrew Townes must be happy as well, as the next two pitchers on the list, Matt Harvey (169 points) and Jeff Samardzija (143.33) are his.

What can we make of our league's initial findings? Nothing this early in the year, as there is still plenty of time to compete. Will I come out on top? How well will willmueller's team continue to play? Who is going to break away from the middle of the pack and come out triumphant? Find out all season long here at Fish Stripes.