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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 1, Cincinnati Reds 11

The Marlins fell to the Reds 11-1 in the Marlins first non-divisional game. Jose Fernandez got the start and Giancarlo Stanton returned, and that is about all the Marlins did to follow the script this Thursday night in Cincinnati.


Source: FanGraphs

Joe Capozzi was right. As he tweeted after the game, a storm WAS a-coming. Unfortunately for the visiting Miami Marlins, the storm already a-came. The storm was the game.

The game promised to be interesting. The pitching match-up of Jose Fernandez and Tony Cingrani was interesting to say the least. As the consensus #6 and #80 prospects in baseball, both pitchers have quite a bit to live up to. Jose Fernandez had already had two starts in which he more than exceeded expectations. Tony Cingrani made his major league debut tonight against the Fish and he too exceeded expectations, which in no way helped the Marlins out.

The aforementioned storm was all-inclusive. The Marlin pitching got hit, the Marlins hitters did not hit and visa-versa for the Reds. Really the Marlins lone highlight was the performance by Justin Ruggiano who got on base three times and accounted for the Marlins' with his homer in the fourth inning. In a game that featured Jose Fernandez pitching and Giancarlo Stanton returning from injury, much more could have been expected from the team than just the same-old.

The Reds offense came out the gate strong against Jose Fernandez, hitting him up for five runs in four innings pitched on six hits and three walks. The Defector's outing was actually stronger than the John Maine's relief appearance in which he allowed six runs, and walked a whopping five batters in two innings of pitching. So yeah, the Reds scored 11 and the Marlins scored half of that...1.

It should be interesting to look in depth at some Pitch f/x data on Jose Fernandez's start and perhaps compare it to his first two in the Majors. I would not be suprised in the slightest to see a Fish Stripes post on this very subject before his next start.

Overall this game was a dud for the Marlins. The offense acted the same as usual and pitching fell victim to the Red's offensive downpour. I can only imagine that the Marlins wish the tarp had gone on the field before the storm.