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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 1, Washington Nationals 6

The Marlins followed Tuesday's offensive onslaught by wasting opportunities with runners in scoring position and falling to the Nationals by a final score of 6-1.

Marc Serota

Source: FanGraphs

Just one night after the Miami Marlins offense scored eight whole runs in a win over Washington, the Fish came out Wednesday night and managed only one against Ross Detwiler and Co.

The Marlins now stand at 3-12 on the season and tonight was a game full of missed opportunities that has become the club's calling card to this point in the season.

I Think I May Be Jinxing It

I'd like to take this time to extend my sincerest apologies to Marlins fans everywhere, as I fear that I may have some small part to play in their offensive woes this season. Every Wednesday, I'm responsible for the day's Fish Cap here at Fish Stripes and in those games, the Marlins have scored a grant total of one run. One run in 27 innings. All I'm saying is that unless Jose Fernandez is on the hill, I'd avoid Wednesday games if things continue the way they have.

My goodness, what have I done? (Editor's note: #MJIJ -MJ)

Stranded Again

If the Miami Marlins were stranded on an island and could only bring three things with them, they would choose to bring runners at first, second, and third with no intent on finding a way home.

Tonight's game was yet another example of the club seeming to have no ability to score even when presented with enough opportunities to keep them in the game. The Fish went 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position. Even the Marlins' lone run of the game was depressing as it came courtesy of what appeared to be a blown call on a play at the plate, as shortstop Chris Valaika appeared to be tagged out on the helmet by Nats catcher Kurt Suzuki.

Stanton on the bench for yet another game certainly doesn't help the offensive situation and with Joe Mahoney now with the big club, the Fish are going to have to hope he can carry over what he did in the spring to jump start this anemic offense.

Bryce Harper Takes Ricky Nolasco's Lunch Money

Ricky Nolasco's line ended up being underwhelming aside from his six strikeouts in six innings of work, but I'm betting that he's glad that the Marlins won't have to see the Nationals again until mid-July. Most of that has to do with Bryce Harper.

Harper took Nolasco deep twice in the Nats' 2-0 Opening Day win in Washington, and he racked up four hits in Wednesday's contest. I'm not sure exactly what it is about Harper facing Nolasco, but it's rare that you see a hitter who is so honed in on an opposing pitcher. Tonight's game saw Harper lace a 3-2 breaking pitch from Nolasco (in a perfect location down in the zone, mind you) to the wall in right field for a ringing double.

Nolasco had decent control and seemed to get better as the game went along, but I can assure you that he's going to see Bryce Harper yelling "THESE ARE CLOWN PITCHES, BRO" in his dreams for quite some time.

Tomorrow Is The Future

Thursday's contest with the Reds presents what is likely the most intriguing pitching matchup of the season. The 20-year-old man, the myth, the legend, Jose Fernandez matches up against Reds top prospect Tony Cingrani, who makes his first major league start. To begin the season in Triple-A, Cingrani had 26 strikeouts compared to just three walks in his three starts.

It's safe to say that this one will be fun to watch and Marlins fans can only hope that Jose Fernandez can add a spark to the offense like he did the last time out. They certainly need it.