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Fish Stripes Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: April 1 - April 13

The Miami Marlins may be struggling in 2013, but that does not mean you have to struggle in the best Marlins prediction game on the planet, Ichthyomancy!

You know the ladies of the Clevelander love Ichthyomancy winners!
You know the ladies of the Clevelander love Ichthyomancy winners!

The Miami Marlins are struggling on the field, but a number of Marlins diehard fans are playing well off the field in predicting the Miami Marlins with the power of Ichthyomancy! Ichthyomancy is the premier Marlins prediction game on the planet, and it can only be found right here on Fish Stripes!

How do you play Ichthyomancy? Well, you just simply make three guesses about the Marlins game of the day:

- Attendance
- A player of the game
- An "above and beyond" pick that is a wild card selection of any kind

If you guess the closest to the correct attendance, you get two points. If you correctly guess the player with one of the three best WPA on the Marlins, you get one point. And if your guess for your above and beyond pick is correct, you will get a value between one and four points, depending on the prediction's difficulty level or likelihood.

Now that we know how to play the game, we can find out who were the best Ichthyomancers of the 2013 season so far.

Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
SuperRadz 18
Jigokusabre 12
Jeremy Hulme 11
dgriot 9
kjt1027 8
dcfish 7
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 6
Marlon D 6
Ncchief31 5
-- --

So far, we see some very familiar faces at the top of the box score. SuperRadz, Jigokusabre, and Jeremy Hulme were the leaders from last season's game, and they have taken the early lead this year again. SuperRadz in particular has regained the top spot with a solid week and is looking to repeat his first half magic from last year.

So for the first Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship winner, congratulations go to SuperRadz for the early victory. Can he keep up the pace?

Who will end up the winner in 2013? It could be you! Come join us and play today!