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Fish Bites: Miami Marlins attendance concerns

Marlins Park attendance was rather poor in the home-opening series against the Atlanta Braves. How does this series compare to past attendance struggles? Fish Bites also features links on a global MLB draft, early season top performers and Bud Selig's announcement of an "on-field diversity task force".

Marc Serota

Yelich Poised to Make Jump from Double-A to Majors

Could Christian Yelich be poised to make the jump from Double-A Jacksonville to the Major League Marlins?

Fans turn out — but not necessarily for the Marlins - Miami Marlins -

Marlins Park saw what could very well turn out to be the season’s largest crowd, and even then many of the fans were there because of the various promotions.

Dave George: Get used to plenty of good seats being available... |

Marlins Park is not a particularly moody beauty. You can catch her at the annual home opener, when there’s an announced crowd of 34,439 and plenty of buzz, or on just about any other night of the season, when it’s entirely possible an entire row will present itself for your exclusive use.

2013 Promotional Schedule | Schedule

Here is a look at the Miami Marlins 2013 promotion schedule. This does not include Groupon offers, and still the Marlins are practically giving away tickets.

Marlins notice changes in ballpark turf | News

This year, Miami decided to use different brands of turf at Marlins Park than they did in the 2012 season. The new field is noticeably greener and slicker, and the players are working on getting used to it.

Around the League

Will there be an MLB International Draft for 2014? - Minor League Ball

Will there be an international baseball draft in 2014?

Who are the Most Valuable Starting Pitchers in Baseball? - Beyond the Box Score

An arbitrary reaction to an arbitrary ranking of the "Most Valuable Pitchers" spurred surprising results.

The Small Sample Size Heroes of April 10 -

Learning to love the momentary masters of the leaderboards.

Boston Red Sox's 820-game sellout streak ends - ESPN

The Boston Red Sox customarily announce that game's attendance in the press box, usually in the seventh inning or beyond. For 820 consecutive days, the announced attendance was followed by the words a sellout....till Wednesday

Measuring Offense with Process, not Outcome - Beyond the Box Score

Are current sabermetric offensive statistics flawed?

Major League Baseball has created a task force to address the declining number of African-Americans playing the sport - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced the 18-person On-Field Diversity Task Force Wednesday, with a stated mission of focusing on the myriad of issues influencing on-field diversity at all levels of baseball. Major League Baseball has created a task force to address the declining number of African-Americans playing the sport

At Fish Stripes

A look behind the struggles of the Miami Marlins' bullpen - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins' bullpen has struggled early on in the year. The key to those struggles is the word "early," as it is simply too early to tell just how good this group is.

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria not a snake oil salesman, just a bad owner - Fish Stripes

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has a reputation for being conniving and underhanded in his tactics. But if we take his words at face value, it paints him as less of an evil villain and more of a bad owner.

Miami Marlins struggle with attendance in their second home game - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins put up a remarkably low attendance mark for their second home game of the season, as attendance dropped from 34,439 in the home opener to just 14,222 last night. Surprisingly, this is one of their smallest drop-offs in team history.

Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves: Marlins suffer ugly shutout, 8-0 - Fish Stripes
The Miami Marlins suffered their worst outing of the season against the Atlanta Braves, as Alex Sanabia imploded in the fifth inning and allowed home runs to Evan Gattis and Juan Francisco. Mike Minor and the Braves shut out the Marlins again.