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2013 Fish Stripes Miami Marlins Season Preview: Introduction

The Miami Marlins have just one month left to go before a difficult 2013 season begins, but here at Fish Stripes, we are happy to celebrate the start of the season like any other. Here is the introduction to our 2013 season preview series.

The Miami Marlins are ready for the 2013 season. Fish Stripes is ready too, with your 2013 season preview series!
The Miami Marlins are ready for the 2013 season. Fish Stripes is ready too, with your 2013 season preview series!

The Miami Marlins will begin the 2013 season, as always, with spring training games building up to a regular season debut against the Washington Nationals on April 1. However, unlike many seasons, 2013 does not bring the high optimism that is typically associated with spring training. No, the Marlins do not have that optimism surrounding them this year, thanks to the numerous moves they made in the offseason to once again supposedly resolve their finances.

But that does not mean that Marlins fans should not be excited about the 2013 season. In fact, we should celebrate the new faces on the team and the few remaining old faces while we still can, as time with the Marlins is always short. That is why, as always, we will try and begin the 2013 season on a high note with the 2013 Fish Stripes Miami Marlins Season Preview series! The second annual season preview series will once again go over all of the Marlins' happenings in the preseason along with profiles on all of the relevant players on the Marlins. Everyday, we will cover the team's starting player at a position along with the team's backups, and we may have a few extra pieces along the way covering important position battles, news on the player fronts, and injury coverage.

Here is the tentative schedule for the 2013 season preview series:

- An "important numbers" post for both position players and pitchers, to serve as a mini-preview to their season
- An in-depth analysis on every starting player on the team, including a final win tally.
- Coverage and analysis on the backups, minor leaguers, and non-roster invitees as well
- Continuing coverage of our Marlins Top 20 Prospects list, with analysis by prospect mavens Sam Evans, Eric Weston, and Conor Dorney.
- A weekly position battle coverage that will fill us all in on the depth charts in the days leading to Opening Day.
- Thoughts and opinions on all things Marlins, including anything Jeffrey Loria says
- Finally, a preview of the 2013 season as it pertains to Fish Stripes and what you can expect.

As always, Fish Stripes strives to bring you the best in Marlins coverage, so we plan on doing that by continuing our already thorough format for covering the team in 2013. Here is what you can expect from us this season.

- As always, you will see the best in Marlins analysis and opinion here on Fish Stripes, provided by yours truly and a host of other authors.
- Marlins prospect coverage is going to be stepped up this season, with Sam and Eric putting up weekly pieces to cover your prospect needs.
- We are expanding Fish Bites coverage to what will hopefully be a daily provider of Marlins-related links and a place to discuss the day's events freely. Think of Fish Bites as both a Marlins link piece and a place to let your mind wander freely regarding baseball or anything else going on.
- Before each and every game, we will have an expansive series of previews and the game thread, in which I encourage each and every Fish Stripes reader to contribute. If we are going to struggle through a tough season, let's at least all do it together, folks!
- Finally, no game coverage is complete without my second annual attempt at Ichthyomancy! Also, I know the awards winners have yet to receive their prizes (that's my fault). Jeremy Hulme and SuperRadz, please send me your addresses to so that I can begin the process of getting you guys your prizes. My apologies for the delays

So please, join me and the rest of Fish Stripes in welcoming the 2013 season, as gloomy as it may be. Remember, Fish Stripes is all about the #minorvictories, so let's find those together this season!