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Fish Bites: A Plea to Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria

Jeffrey Loria should allow Mike Redmond to do his job this season as new Marlins manager. Most baseball people feel like Redmond is going to be an excellant big league skipper. Plus links on Nicolino, Valverde, and Rauch.


I recently read where former Miami Marlins manager Jeff Torborg gave his full endorsement of new Marlins manager Mike Redmond. In fact, Torborg said "Redmond is special." This got me thinking about the task at hand for Redmond in his first season as manager in the Major Leagues. Does he truly know what he is getting himself into?

Anybody would jump at the chance to become a big league manager. More so when its a team you played for. But the Marlins have an unusual situation at ownership. Jeffrey Loria has got to be the worst owner not only in baseball, but maybe in all of pro sports. He interferes too many times with the day to day operations. He even sits right next to the dug out during games. I even see him many times on Marlins broadcasts. A suggestion to Mr. Loria: please go sit upstairs in the owners box. I can't imagine Redmond getting too comfortable at any point, especially if Loria does not agree with something that happens on the field. We'll see if Loria changes some and leaves Redmond alone this season. It would be the right thing to do.

- The Miami Marlins held open tryouts this week to give players another shot at their dream. The team has been doing this for years now. They usually look for players 25 years old and younger. You would be surprised from how far away a few players traveled to participate in this tryout. Read more here.

- The Marlins will not rush promising prospect Justin Nicolino to the Major Leagues. In fact, they like him staying in the Minors for now. The team has a bright future and has no reason to bring Nicolino even if he pitches well down on the farm. Read more here.

- Agent Scott Boras called Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald today and told him he was not happy with what Clark wrote the day before. Spencer wrote that Boras might be using the Marlins to raise interest in reliever Jose Valverde who is still a free agent. Either way, I never though that Valverde was coming to the Fish anyway, so what does it matter?

- The Miami Marlins have signed Jon Rauch to a one-year contract. He is the tallest player in Major League history. The Marlins also designated Bryan Petersen for assignment.

Around The League

- Jurickson Profar, the Texas Rangers' top prospect, has informed the team he will not play in the World Baseball Classic. Instead, he will be in spring training camp with Texas full time. Profar was to play for the Netherlands in the upcoming competition. Read more here.

- Northwestern University has come to an agreement with the Chicago Cubs and famous Wrigley Field to play five college football games there in the coming years. Northwestern played Illinois there in 2010.

- Chris Carpenter is unlikely to pitch in 2013. He has had yet more discomfort in his arm and shoulder. In fact, the right hander might be done career-wise. Carpenter also missed last season with the same ailments. Hopefully he moves on to avoid living with pain.

At Fish Stripes

- In case your wondering if Jose Valverde would be good for the Marlins, read the latest post from Mr. Jong. He looks at it from multiple angles. It is easy to see this as a pairing that makes no sense. But in a way, maybe Valverde wants to be in Miami.

- ZiPS projections were released this week for the Miami Marlins. Click here if you believe in that stuff. Personally, I think the team might not be good enough regardless of what a certain individual does on the field.

- Mr. Jong writes this week about Jacob Turner. Here is a guy who can find success this season. The team will not be in any kind of race for the division or the wild card, so Turner can go out and pitch every five days and of course get better all the time.