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Fish Bites: Miami Marlins Should Sign Grady Sizemore

It is no secret the Miami Marlins will be evaluating their young talent this season to see who will be part of the long term plan. Why not sign Grady Sizemore? Plus links on Chris Coghlan, no-trade clauses, and Joe Mahoney.

Jared Wickerham

There is a lot of good competition happening this spring at multiple positions for the Miami Marlins. In fact, it is this type of competition that is making it exciting right now. Who will play first base until Logan Morrison comes back? Who will be the fifth starter in the rotation? Is Donovan Solano capable of being the full time answer at second base? Another competitive battle is in center field. Earlier this year, Bobby Abreu said he would consider playing for the Marlins. Regardless, he is more of a first baseman. Juan Pierre doesn't play center anymore. However, there is a free agent out there the Marlins might want to consider as a low risk, high reward option. How about Grady Sizemore?

- Before last year, Sizemore re-signed with the Cleveland Indians. It was only a one year deal. Because of back surgery during Spring Training, he started the year on the 60-day disabled list. And then there were further complications in his recovery that never allowed him to get on the field. However, Sizemore is an unrestricted free agent. And at age 30, he might still have a lot of baseball ahead of him if he ever does get healthy. Surely he is as good as or better than Gorkys Hernandez, Justin Ruggiano, and Chris Coghlan. What do you think?

- I feel like I have read this the last few years, but Chris Coghlan is once again battling this spring for an outfield role. The former Rookie of the Year is feeling better these days. Maybe he is finally 100% healthy.

- Potentially the Marlins might soften their no-trade policy with players. Speaking this week to the media, both Jeffrey Loria and David Samson said they might have to re-evaluate this going forward. Regardless, good luck trying to get top notch free agents to come here unless you are paying them top dollar.

- Resodding was completed at Marlins Park this week. If you remember from last year, the field conditions were very poor. And even though the club is not certain this will work, at least they are trying something different. Read the specific details here.

- Could Joe Mahoney be on Miami's Opening Day Roster? Might he even be starting first base? At least he is off to a great start this spring. That will help in his quest to win a roster spot or more.

- If Kyle Skipworth can go out and perform the rest of spring training, he might finally make it up to the major leagues. An injury to Jeff Mathis, and the sudden retirement of Craig Tatum, has opened the door for the former number six pick in the 2008 draft.

- Jeffrey Loria says this week that the Marlins are not a Triple A club. Well, aside from having a low payroll, you could make an argument that the rest of the team is so young, it feels like a minor league club is playing here. At least until the young players begin to perform.

Around The League

- Lance Berkman may make his spring training debut this Thursday with the Texas Rangers. He was sidelined with a strained right calf muscle.

- Manny Ramirez is going to play in Taiwan this season unless he gets an MLB offer this week. Ramirez played winter ball in the Dominican Republic this year for the first time in 18 years. But he did not do enough for any team to show interest.

- On the day Justin Morneau was disappointed to hear that Russell Martin was not going to play for Team Canada during the World Baseball Classic, Martin was scratched from his spring training start. Nothing major. But the Pirates are taking it easy with Martin after he signed with them in the offseason.

At Fish Stripes

- For Henderson Alvarez to be a part of the long term plan for the Marlins, he is going to have to do one thing better: strikeouts. Read more about the young pitcher here.

- Read this week an opinion from our fearless leader. He asks do we as Marlins fans have any other option other than to support Jeffrey Loria and to hope he will invest in this franchise going forward?

- In case you read the letter Jeffrey Loria wrote to Marlins fans this week, Mike Bates offers you a revised letter. This is what Loria should have written instead. Read it here.

- Jeffrey Loria finally spoke with the media this week. I don't like much of what he had to say, but at least he did it.

- Under the Miami Marlins News and Rumors section this week, David Samson is discussed. He was also at the media event the Marlins threw on Monday night. He spoke about attendance and other prominent issues. Read more here.

- Mr. Jong breaks down what Jeffrey Loria and David Samson had to say this week. Obviously they touched on quite a few topics. But in the end, here is the summarized version. Unfortunately, we will probably never see a $100 million dollar payroll ever again. Oh well.