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Miami Marlins Spring Training 2013 Notes: Kotchman, Figgins, Pierre, Stanton, and More

The Miami Marlins finished their first weekend of action on the diamond during spring training. Here are some minor notes regarding Casey Kotchman's signing, Chone Figgins and Juan Pierre's friendship, Gorkys Hernandez's new approach, and more.

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The Miami Marlins wrapped up their weekend over in Jupiter in preparation for the start of spring training games later this week. The Fish also wrapped up some news regarding their team at spring training, and here are some notes on the matter.

Kotchman embraces chance with newest team | News
Casey Kotchman was signed by the Fish to a minor league deal. Moving from team to team can have its advantages, the newest member of the Marlins certainly is experiencing some.

"I've been privileged just to have the opportunity to put on different uniforms and meet a bunch of different players that I wouldn't have met if I'd stayed in one place," Kotchman said. "Typically, if you draw it up in your mind, you want to stay in one place. But looking back on it, you have a chance to meet a bunch of new players and teammates and build relationships with everybody."

I suppose that is a thing, though I imagine Kotchman gets to meet plenty of people just as a first baseman.

Juan Pierre, Chone Figgins together again like good ol' days | News
Fifteen years later, and it feels like Portland, Ore., all over again for Juan Pierre and Chone Figgins. Once again, they are teammates, this time with the new-look Marlins. Apparently these guys were friends back with their collective organization. The best quote here?

"That's what I tell him, 'We're one bad year away from going to the house,'" Pierre said. "People already are saying we're old and can't do this. The skill level is not that. So if we don't do it, it's probably to the house for us. That's a driving force so we have to go out there every day and perform."

The majors are serious business for big-leaguers, even guys with long careers like Pierre and Figgins.

Gorkys tries to carry winter hitting lessons into spring | News
Gorkys Hernandez may be out of options, but the 25-year-old outfielder is not lacking optimism. With no guarantees, the speedster is trying to win a roster spot with the Marlins. Hernandez is competing either to be the starting center fielder or an extra outfielder.

"I did an adjustment at home plate," the outfielder said. "When I played with the Marlins last year, I learned a lot. I tried to concentrate and look for one pitch and tried to do a much better job on offense. I already have good defense. Everybody says, 'If you hit more, you can play a long time in the big leagues.' That's what I did when I went to Venezuela. I did good there. This spring, I'm trying to do the same thing I did in Venezuela."

Hernandez had an excellent season in winter ball apparently, batting .367 in 226 at-bats. Of course, that is highly unlikely to happen again, but the Marlins are adequately prepared with minor league outfielders galore. Video | Stanton talks about his expectations for the season - Video | Multimedia
Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton talks about the offseason, his health and how he expects his team to come together this season

More on this a little later, but needless to say, Stanton is now saying the right things regarding the Marlins. This is in stark contrast to his initial tweet of anger regarding the deals made this offseason by the Fish.