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Happy Holidays from Fish Stripes!

Fish Stripes is off for the day, but we want to wish you a happy holidays!


Fish Stripes is taking a holiday break today and enjoying a merry Christmas, but we want to wish everyone who reads the site a merry Christmas and happy holidays as well. The presents under the tree have been opened, the jollies regarding said presents have been had, and a fun time lies ahead for yours truly.

But we cannot forget the Marlins, even in this holiday. The Fish have finished off their Christmas shopping for this season, but if Santa Claus is listening, maybe he can start keeping track of the presents Miami would like for next year. Here's an abbreviated list for Christmas:

Fans at the stadium: I am sure Marlins fans are watching on television and on, as I have been for many years. But attendance is bad, and we should support our players by coming by to see them. Plus, Marlins Park is a great place to catch a game, and you should really enjoy one in south Florida once in a while.

A second baseman: Look, I'm not sure if Derek Dietrich, Austin Barnes, or Avery Romero are the future at second base. I'm pretty certain Donovan Solano is not. I don't need everyone listed here to hit, but it would be nice for just one of these guys to become a passable Major Leaguer starter.

Giancarlo Stanton extension: If it doesn't happen this year, I doubt Santa will be able to get us one next season, especially as the price for this hot commodity begins to rise. Sadly, I feel this is the biggest pipe dream among our desires. If the deal doesn't get done soon, I expect Stanton to be on his way out rather than staying here for another Christmas.

A successful 2015 season: This upcoming year is going to be a washout, with a number of mediocre veterans filling holes and the Marlins more interested in developing young talent rather than winning games. But 2015 may begin the process of refilling this roster with talent. Andrew Heaney and Colin Moran are expected to be ready for the big leagues by then. Justin Nicolino, Jake Marisnick, and others should be as well. The Marlins will finally see the returns on their major fire sale and the success of their recent drafts. That year should be the most exciting since 2012.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! Fish Stripes will be back to its regularly scheduled awesomeness tomorrow.