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2013 Winter Meetings: Miami Marlins Day 2 recap

The Miami Marlins are working hard on trading Logan Morrison, with as many as seven teams interested. But Miami did not pull it off on Day 2 of the Winter Meetings and may not do it before the end of the meetings.

There is not much stopping Logan Morrison from leaving Miami.
There is not much stopping Logan Morrison from leaving Miami.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins spent the second day of the 2013 Winter Meetings still trying to find a way to send first baseman Logan Morrison out via trade. It helps that the team officially announced the free agent signing of Garrett Jones, who figures to take over for Morrison once he is dealt.

"At the beginning of our offseason, our goal was to upgrade our offense," president of baseball operations Michael Hill said. "In Jones, we feel like we've added a consistent, productive bat to our ballclub."

What Michael Hill says above makes almost no sense whatsoever. A "consistent" bat would imply that Jones somehow met expectations every season. But after a fiery rookie season, he had a near-replacement level performance, a mediocre campaign, a good year at the plate, and a season that led to him being designated for assignment. Jones is consistently decent against righties and equally consistently terrible against lefties. The "production" aspect of Jones's signing is not a large one either.

But Miami has gone ahead with this, and they may have to wait a while for resolution of the Morrison situation. As many as seven teams are interested in the ousted first baseman, but Miami may wait and see on his market.

With so many scenarios out there, the Marlins are taking a wait-and-see approach. Although it is inevitable Morrison will be dealt, there is no urgency to do so before the Winter Meetings wrap up on Thursday at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort.

"It could happen, but we don't have to make a deal," Hill said. "We don't have to make a deal unless it makes sense for us to do it."

Hill has a strong point in that regard. Miami has no need to trade until the season begins, as Morrison will not get paid until then anyway. Holding him until the right deal comes does not really restrict them in any way.

The teams holding the most interest in Morrison? Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has those details.

Miami could find a strong buyer in the Mariners in particular. Nick Franklin has recently been deposed from the second base position by Robinson Cano, so perhaps Miami can fashion a trade up to Franklin's value that would involve Morrison.

There is some question as to whether the Marlins may fill their third base position via trade or signing. Earlier in the day, it sounded as though Juan Uribe was a potential target.

But while Rosenthal heard one thing, Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald heard another.

A pursuit of Uribe would be an interesting move, especially since the market for his services has not come close to meeting his demands. Initially it sounded as though he wanted a three-year deal, but no one sounds interested in providing more than a two-year contract at most, and the Los Angeles Dodgers may have only offered a one-year deal with an option. Bidding lower on the years helps Miami, but it does not help when the team's budget is still constricted following their signings.

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