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Fish Stripes: Closing In On Free Agency

As we close into the real start of the MLB offseason, take a look at some of the best MLB/Marlins related posts on the baseball blogosphere to tide things over.

Chris Trotman

Miami Marlins: Fences Will NOT Be Brought in for 2014 Season - Marlin Maniac - A Miami Marlins Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Much to the dismay of Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of the Marlins offense (MIami finished last in the league with a .333 SLG%), the team has decided that they won't bring in the outfield fences despite the dreadful offensive performance in 2013.

Miami Marlins President Says Team Will Make MLB Playoffs in 2014, Says Marlins "Won't Lose 100 Games' Next Year | Miami Marlins |

It's fantastic for a team president to have optimism about his organization going into the off-season but there comes a time where things a little bit too ridiculous. While it should be obvious to say that Miami won't lose games in the triple digits during the 2014 season, the opposite can be said about his prediction that the Marlins will be in the playoffs in 2014.

Miami Marlins: Prospect Colin Moran in Fall Stars Game - Sun Sentinel

Despite struggling from the plate, top infield prospect Colin Moran will the lone Marlins representative at Saturday's Arizona Fall League All-Star Game.

Miami Marlins Season Review: Bullpen Grades (1 of 3) - Marlin Maniac - A Miami Marlins Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

In the first of a three part series, Marlin Maniac co-editor Chris Logel looks over the 2013 season for both Chad Qualls and Mike Dunn.

MLB Trade Rumors: Angels Shopping Mark Trumbo, Should Marlins Be Interested? - Marlin Maniac - A Miami Marlins Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

To help add more depth to either their pitching or farm system, The LA Angels are shopping around infielder Mark Trumbo. The folks at Marlin Maniac take a look at this trade rumor and ponder what kind of impact Trumbo could make with the Marlins.

Around the League

10 more of the greatest World Series programs - Baseball Nation

In the year 2013, the art of a solid baseball program is going the way of the dodo bird because of the infinite amount of easy-to-find info that's available throughout the internet. With that said, Jim Baker took a ride in his beloved time machine as he gives the SB Nation world a look at some of the more interesting World Series programs that have ever been released.

2013 Gold Gloves: New statistics lead to new winners - Baseball Nation

Starting this season, the MLB has started using a sabermetrics styled component to help the voters select the Gold Glove winners for both the American and National Leagues. Rob Neyer looks over the Gold Glove winners and tries to decipher if this new approach will be the most efficient.

There's always something special about a Game 6. | : Robert Weintraub Article

As both Boston and St.Louis enter Game 6 of the World Series, SportsonEarth contributor Robert Weintraub takes a look at the unique history that both the Red Sox and Cardinals have had when they compete in Game 6.

Dr. SB Nation: How to fix the Minnesota Twins -

A continuation of an on-going series that has featured the Miami Marlins, Mike Bates reviews Minnesota's 2013 season while looking ahead to what the team can do in the upcoming offseason.

The Cardinals are stuck on the runway in St.Louis | For The Win
In a weird twist of fate, the Cardinals faced a little bit of a snag on Tuesday evening as their plane had a good amount of mechanical problems which postponed their flight by two hours. Thanks to the power of twitter and photoshop, the minor incident turned into an internet phenomenon.

Fish Stripes

Marlins prospects: Colin Moran featured in AFL Fall Stars Game - Fish Stripes

Colin Moran is the Miami Marlins' lone representative on the 2013 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Game that pits the best and brightest in top prospects.

2013 Marlins Season Review: The first-year draft - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins scored one major win in the 2013 first-year draft, but they also let a few potential prospects get away thanks to signing and health problems.

Miami Marlins prospect Colin Moran making most of time in Arizona Fall League - Fish Stripes

Miami Marlins third base prospect Colin Moran continues to grow as he is reportedly maturing as a hitter in the Arizona Fall League. Third base is a position the Marlins have received little offense from the last few seasons.

2013 Marlins Season Review: Prospect overview - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins saw a lot of names get promoted from the minors in 2013, but how did the farm system as a whole fare? Fish Stripes reviews the preseason top 20 prospects from the 2013 Marlins.