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2013 Marlins Season Review: Introduction

Fish Stripes will review the miserable 2013 season for the Miami Marlins. Here is what you can expect for the month-long series.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Marlins have finished up their 2013 season after a long and grueling road to the end. The 2013 season was a difficult one to watch right from the onset, and while most felt that the Marlins would be bad, most did not expect a season as bad as a 100-loss campaign. It was tough on the players and coaches, but also very tough on the fans who had to endure 162 arduous games of relative buffoonery.

But as with most situations, we have many things to learn from looking into the past. Because of that, we here at Fish Stripes will be reviewing the 2013 season, just like we did with the disappointing 2012 season last year. Just like last year, we are going to spend time reviewing the season's best and worst, and we will also go into each and every position and discuss the results of the year. This year is certainly going to be more negative than last year, and we will also feature additional discussions on the historically poor offensive performance by Miami and the brilliance of Jose Fernandez.

Here is what you can expect to see in terms of a schedule for the 2013 Marlins Season Review:

- Starting today, we will discuss an overview of the 2013 season, with a brief talk on the team's offense, pitching, and defensive.

- Starting tomorrow, we will begin discussing the things that went right and wrong with the 2013 season. Not much went right in 2013, but we should review the few #minorvictories we did have as well as the major problems the Fish had this season.

- From there, each day will feature a review of one position on the 2013 Marlins. We will start early on with the major contributors and finish up the day with a look at the rest of players involved at each spot. This will continue for as long as there are interesting players to cover.

Will you join us for the start of this difficult offseason? I know I'll be here, come and learn from the mistakes of 2013 so that we may better understand this Miami Marlins team going forward.