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Miami Marlins Starter Mark Buehrle Reaches 200 Innings For 12th Consecutive Season

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Mark Buehrle has accomplished another great feat in his illustrious career, reaching 200 innings pitched for the 12th consecutive season with his innings recorded in tonight's game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Jason Arnold - Getty Images

Miami Marlins starter Mark Buehrle is nothing if not consistent, and he has reached yet another milestone of consistency in tonight's game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Coming into tonight's contest, Buehrle needed just 5 2/3 innings to reach 200 innings for the 12th consecutive season, and while that mark seemed to be in peril just two weeks and three starts ago, he has now reached that level once more. Only one pitcher in the last 30 years, Greg Maddux, has accomplished the same feat, and the streak is the fourth-longest in baseball history.

A few weeks ago, it was speculated that Buehrle might miss that mark by making only three more starts in the season at the low 180's in innings. But the way the rotation panned out and with Buehrle putting up 7 2/3 and six innings in his last two starts, Buehrle was essentially assured the mark this season. Not only did Buehrle only have 5 2/3 innings left to reach 200 innings, but he also likely had another start to do it, as he is likely to pitch the last game of the season, Wednesday at Marlins Park versus the New York Mets.

Buehrle has finished eight innings tonight, putting his season total at 202 1/3 innings. He has also recorded an impressive eight strikeouts, tying a season high on the 2012 year, and no walks with just one run allowed.