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Fish Bites: Miami Marlins Struggling To The Finish

The Miami Marlins are currently wracked with injuries to Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Ruggiano, and few players are stepping up as the season draws to a close. Plus, links on Donovan Solano, Chipper Jones, Bo Porter. and more.

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The Miami Marlins are not gracefully exiting this 2012 season, it seems. Thanks to even more injuries to an already ravaged core, the Fish have lost seven straight games and head home for what could be an ugly six-game homestand in terms of attendance. The Marlins' attendance has fallen steadily this season once the team began losing games, so a recent slide like this one should not help.

- One of those key injuries at the end of the year involves Giancarlo Stanton, who has missed two straight series following a strained left intercostal muscle that he suffered against the Cincinnati Reds. It looks as though Stanton will be out at least until Saturday, though he has taken batting practice the last few days in Atlanta against the Braves.

- Justin Ruggiano is out for the season with a shoulder sprain as well.

- One guy who has at least tried to step up his game in the offensive absence of multiple players is Donovan Solano, who helped carry the team's offense in Tuesday's 4-3 loss to the Braves. Solano hit his first two homers of his major league career, but he also received the silent treatment in the dugout after the first one. My favorite visual from the silent treatment was Greg Dobbs wiping his expression-less face following his own plate appearance. Fun stuff.

- Over at Marlin Maniac, Geoff Parkins is coming up with a list of things to do this offseason, both on the site and at home. Good luck on that yardwork Geoff.

- By the way, Marlin Maniac is still looking for writers, so you should contact them if you are interested.

- As you may have noticed, the good guys at Marlins Diehards and Strip Club With Stanton and I did a little roundtable discussion about Larry Beinfest and his role on the team in the last decade. Here is the opening bit by SCWS, my own response, and the Diehards' reaction.

Around the League

- By the way, you know Chipper Jones is retiring, right? SCWS find him completely boring. Why all the love from everyone else then, I wonder. Well, everyone else except The Good Phight. Those folks hate him.

- Former Marlins third base coach Bo Porter has been hired as the new Houston Astros manager. Congrats to Porter, who was also considered for the potential future job on the Marlins.

- Speaking of managers in grave danger, Bobby Valentine thinks he will return to the Boston Red Sox. But general manager Ben Cherington has already been alluding to a manager search this offseason. Does not sound good for Valentine.

- Also, Jim Tracy wants back in with the Colorado Rockies, but the Rockies will discuss options despite Tracy's handshake indefinite agreement with the team.

At Fish Stripes

- On Wednesday, Ehsan Kassim mentioned the difficult decision the team needs to make regarding Josh Johnson. Then on Thursday, I discussed how that decision is going to depend on whether or not Johnson gets a contract extension.

- Also on Wednesday, check out the effectiveness of Nathan Eovaldi's fastball from his last start.

- Can the Marlins win on just an $80 million payroll? I have my doubts.

- Check out all of our coverage on Ozzie Guillen's job concerns, including my latest op-ed piece on why Guillen should not be considered the scapegoat for this season's failures.

- On Thursday, Sam Evans informed us that the Marlins will not re-up with their Jamestown Low-A affiliate, leading to a question as to where the New York-Penn League team will play.

- I discussed why the Marlins should not fall for the illusion of Donovan Solano.

- The Fish will make the dream of Adam Greenberg come true, as they will give him his one at-bat.

- In our ongoing Heath Bell saga coverage, I ask whether the Marlins clubhouse handled the Bell situation correctly?