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#FishStripes: Rookie Hazing

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Many teams like to treat their rookies to a special event that is called hazing. The Marlins are no different, which is the focus of this week's #FishStripes.

We'll start off with our Tweet of the Week, which comes from Bryan Petersen, who is standing up for one of his teammates:

Our Video of the Week includes Reyes and the three hits he got on Tuesday, including a walk-off:

The Marlins visited the Fan Cave on their latest trip to New York, and even some of the players are impressed at what the @MLBFanCave has to offer.

That wasn't the only memorable experience the team had in New York, however.

It is a custom in sports to pick on the newbies. Even Bryce Harper got the rookie treatment earlier this season. The Marlins were no exception, and Giancarlo Stanton was there to capture it all, for better or worse.

God Bless America?

A well-known Spanish TV personality stopped by Marlins Park, and it was Univision's Johnny Lozada.

Reyes had a couple honors this week: The first was having a bobblehead night last week. Here is his figure:

The second honor was presenting Chipper Jones with parting gifts on his Farewell Tour:

Chipper will have one final series against the Marlins this week as the Fish swim up north to Atlanta to play spoiler on the Braves' playoff hopes.