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Quick Cap: Miami Marlins 3, New York Mets 4

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Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 30,332
Hero of the Game: Rob Brantly (0.081 WPA)
Goat of the Game: Mark Buehrle (-0.180 WPA)
Play of the Game: Jason Bay homered, scoring Lucas Duda. (-0.187 WPA)

The Miami Marlins appeared ready for another dismal loss to the New York Mets on Saturday afternoon. Starter R.A. Dickey kept them utterly shut down for eight consecutive innings, further bolstering his Cy Young credentials. The Marlins did come close to scoring after Gil Velasquez singled and Bryan Petersen walked in the top of the third, but Dickey was able to end the threat, striking out the next two batters. Despite his excellent pitching, Dickey couldn't sustain his performance through the ninth. He began the inning by walking Gregg Dobbs and Donovan Solano, forcing the Mets to bring in Jon Rauch. Jon Buck proceeded to hit a three-run blast off Rauch, placing the Marlins within striking distance of the Mets. Rob Brantly reached base with a single, but the Marlins were unfortunately unable to score him and the Mets took the second game of the series.