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Fish Stripes Quick Reactions on Miami Marlins Larry Beinfest Rumors

Fish Stripes authors react to the rumored firing of Larry Beinfest and promotion of his replacement, assistant general manager Dan Jennings.

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Though we do not have any confirmed information from a team source, Bob Nightengale's USA Today report on the Miami Marlins planning to fire president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Michael Hill and replace them with current assistant general manager Dan Jennings still looms large. MLB Trade Rumors and MLB Daily Dish reported on Nightengale's rumor.'s Joe Frisaro acknowledged the rumors on the Miami Marlins official page. Fish Stripes has been on top of the story since it broke yesterday.

Well, Fish Stripes's various authors have their own responses to the rumors, and if they are true, there are mixed feelings among our site's contributors as to whether or not this was the right move. Here are three Fish Stripes contributors and their opinions on the rumored firing of Beinfest.


Eric Weston (EricW)

I cannot confidently say that firing Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill is the right move for the Marlins, but I do believe that some type of front office shakeup is required. The organization has to learn from its mistakes this season. You can't miss the target by such a large degree and not reconsider your strategy. Beinfest's reported skepticism of advanced statistical analysis also leads me to favor a regime change. I don't believe Dan Jennings is the right man for the job, however. If he supported Loria's pursuit of Heath Bell and Prince Fielder, then I would seek out another alternative. I propose bringing in an outside perspective - one that has experience in some of baseball's more forward-thinking front offices.

Ehsan Kassim (ek1124)

After a disastrous 2012 campaign, change was needed in the Marlins organization. Jeffery Loria, the Marlins owner, was quick to promise changes and an overall review of the organization from the top to the very bottom.

It seems like Loria has delivered on that promise, as Beinfest seems to be on his way out. The problem here is, that change may not be the best answer.

We all know that Dan Jennings is more open to sabermetrics and advanced statistics then Beinfest ever was, which caused the Marlins to fall behind the rest of the league.

My initial thought to this move is that it is a sideways move at best. Jennings becoming the GM means Loria's guy will be in charge. That in turn means more meddling from the Marlins owner.

That is what worries me the most about the move. I do not trust Loria in a baseball decision making kind of job. His support of the signings of Heath Bell and making a run at Prince Fielder should alarm Marlins fans. The fact that he babied Hanley Ramirez is something else of concern.


Miami’s decision to fire general manager Larry Beinfest and likely promote vice president of player personnel and assistant general manager Dan Jennings is yet another move by the Marlins’ top executives to show how much the franchise wants to contend and play postseason baseball once again. Prior to the inaugural season at Marlins Park, Miami did something uncharacteristic of them: spent money. Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Heath Bell were all brought in, and as the season began to get away, key trades were made. Beinfest did assemble the 2003 championship team, however the Marlins have not reached the postseason since. Beinfest is not the only one who should be blamed for the team’s lack of success, but when you are opening a new stadium with a significantly higher payroll and expecting higher attendance, somebody has to take the blame, and at this particular time, Beinfest was the guy. Whether he takes the Mark Wiley path and remains in the organization or seeks another GM job elsewhere remains to be seen. But Dan Jennings is well known for scouting quality young talent and wanting to make aggressive moves. After all, he did draft Carl Crawford, so things can only get better.


Fish Stripes will have more on this story as it develops.