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Fish Stripes, SB Nation United Style Is Coming!

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen approves of the new Fish Stripes in SB Nation United. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen approves of the new Fish Stripes in SB Nation United. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I have been teasing the arrival of SB Nation United in recent weeks, but so far, the biggest bit of news I got to show you was Fish Stripes's new logo for SB Nation United.



But that logo was just the beginning of the new Fish Stripes in SB Nation United. And today, I'll give you a sneak peak of just what else is in store for all of SB Nation under the United framework, including Fish Stripes. What follows is just a sneak peak and screenshots of various different SB Nation sites (unfortunately, Fish Stripes is not among them, but I can assure you that our site looks excellent) that display some of the new features we have here under United.

The Cover

You know how, right now, there is very little way to emphasize any story on Fish Stripes or any other SB Nation team blog in a meaningful way? You know how, right now, the team blogs are all slaves to the inevitable march of time. Well, not anymore!





Now, instead of being at the mercy of the next article being released, Fish Stripes and all other SB Nation blogs can feature their top content however they choose by showing it off on the cover, which will be at the top of the front page and in some other sections. Rather than being unable to highlight content because of a surge of published articles, all of those articles can be placed at the top for readers to quickly see. And if the story is especially important, like perhaps all of the Larry Beinfest firing rumors we have been hearing lately, they can be prominently pinned to the cover and not be pushed and lost amid other content. The same thing can occur with gameday coverage; during games, it can be highlighted, but afterwards, it can be pushed back and away from the action in favor of more content!

Plus, I think it's spiffy. Don't you think it's spiffy?


Speaking of the Larry Beinfest firing rumors, Fish Stripes has already released several updates on the story as it has unfolded. There have not been many so far, but if Bob Nightengale is right, expect more updates to come soon. But as of right now, those articles are disjointed and not tied together, and one has to go back to multiple links posted on each story to see it develop.

Well, not anymore with the advent of StoryStreams!


Now, instead having a mishmash of articles related to a single story scattered across the blog, you can track those connected stories in one neat little package that is conveniently timelined for you! If Beinfest is fired next week, you will get to see the article that spawned the rumors, Loria's initial response, our initial response to the rumors, and more of the previous coverage right next to the big headline. And from there, you can see our responses again tied next to that headline.

This will also go great with game coverage. Say Giancarlo Stanton gets hurt and is pulled from the middle of a game (knock on wood). That suddenly becomes the biggest story of the game and supersedes a game preview previously published. That story can be tied to the game coverage itself and easily associated with the game. The Fish Caps for each game can also be seen next to game previews and game threads as well!

Mobile and Tablets

One of the big goals of SB Nation United was to make sure that the mobile and tablet users that are becoming a big part of our readership would not be left out with an inferior product. So mobile phone users, tablet readers, and folks with all sorts of ways to access SB Nation United sites like Fish Stripes will see the same thing computer users will see.



As you can see, the layout is extremely similar to that of the main site, which is great for mobile users who do not want to feel left out of what SB Nation United can do. And keep in mind, there should be other features that make mobile use even better than in the current SB Nation model, so stay tuned.

Finally, A Peek At a Full Page

Here's an example of a full front page for the new SB Nation United. And yes, our site will be appropriately colored with the most prominent color in our logo.


Click to embiggen, of course.

Same Old Great Stuff

Perhaps the best part about SB Nation United and the new Fish Stripes site? The stuff you love about Fish Stripes isn't going away! We're still doing Ichthyomancy! We'll still have great daily coverage by the best Marlins writers in the business! And we'll still have FanPosts and FanShots and all of the other stuff that makes Fish Stripes and SB Nation great. We're only adding more awesome stuff. Where can you go wrong?

At this point, I'll open the floor up for questions. If you have thoughts or questions on the new Fish Stripes and SB Nation United will affect your reading of our blog, let us know in the comments section!