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Miami Marlins Reportedly Planning To Fire Larry Beinfest, Replace With Dan Jennings

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Well, my afternoon off has suddenly turned eventful once more.

We have been discussing here on Fish Stripes the potential for some front office moves for the Miami Marlins given their disastrous 2012 season, and all signs pointed to potential, as-of-yet-undecided changes coming in the offseason. But Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports today that high-ranking officials on the Marlins are saying the team could fire president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Michael Hill as early as next week.

The Marlins are planning to fire president and team architect Larry Beinfest, perhaps as soon as next week, according to two high-ranking executives with knowledge of the move but not permitted to speak publicly because the final decision will be made by owner Jeffrey Loria.

Beinfest would be replaced by Dan Jennings, the Marlins assistant general manager and vice president of player personnel.

This does not come as totally surprising to anyone who has read our numerous articles on the Marlins' potential front office shakeup.

The latest discussion on the Marlins' moves in the front office was earlier today, when I discussed whether there was a rift in the Marlins' front office between owner Jeffrey Loria and his candidate, supposed GM-to-be Dan Jennings, and Beinfest and team president David Samson.

Following a tough season for which Beinfest, Hill, and the rest of their "camp" is not entirely to blame, what better time than now to move forward?

At the same time, perhaps David Samson served as a bridge in the organization between the tempestuous owner and the more reasonable front office. Perhaps a move to Jennings, who is seemingly on the side of said tempestuous owner, would remove Samson as a bridge and a filter and leave Loria too close to the top of the decision-making structure. Would you want Loria, an owner who is already considered to be too "hands-on," thatcapable of affecting team personnel moves by having his "side" on top of the structure? Would you want Loria essentially fully running this team without an outside voice filter?

Well, it seems the Marlins may very well be siding with Jennings; and Loria's side, which is unsurprising given that it is Loria's team. If Beinfest and Hill are to be fired, followed by Dan Jennings's promotion to general manager, perhaps the Marlins will finally listen to some advanced statistics. Then again, if Jennings's plans for the 2012 season included signing Heath Bell and Prince Fielder to potentially large contracts, one cannot imagine he is that in tune with the growing sabermetrics voice in front offices across America.

Fish Stripes will have more on this story as it progresses.