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#FishStripes: Winter Already?

With the season coming down to its final 15 games, fans around Marlins Park are already thinking fall and winter. You;ll see how in this week's edition.

We'll start off with our Tweet of the Week featuring Bryan Petersen, who is hungry for some hockey. Flyers hockey, that is.

He might have to wait with the NHL lockout already in place. If you care about the NHL being out of business, check out SBNation's NHL site.

Our Play of the Week includes Donovan Solano staying with a ground ball during the series in Philadelphia:

Meanwhile, as you can see above, there are still games being played. Even Santa Claus came to watch a game. Well, kind of. Watch his interview here.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen returns to Twitter after being away for most of the season. Hey, he's got to fume off some steam from a frustrating season somehow. Here now are some of his most compelling tweets as of late:

(This last one was tweeted at night, mind you.)

The Marlins are doing more stuff off the field. Check these tweets out:

Lil' Jose is also tweeting away while he hangs out with the Marlins. The Marlins are in the middle of a series against the Braves and Mets.