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Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: September 9-15

Fish Stripes finally returns to doling out the weekly Ichthyomancy updates after a two-week absence. This time around, we won't announce weekly point totals, but we will announce our updated leaderboards for both second half and overall games! Let's get right to it with our latest Ichthyomancy overall leaderboard!

Top Ten Leadeboard

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 135
Jeremy Hulme 134
SuperRadz 100
dgriot 63
whambam 52
oladipo_for_mayor 50
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 44
Marlon D 41
mblally 30
Andrew Townes 24

At this stage, season fatigue has hit a lot of our Ichthyomancy players, and only a few are left posting regularly. It is not ironic that the three most consistent posters of the season are in the top three, and the two that have been working at all year long are fighting for pole position. Jigokusabre and Jeremy Hulme are in a dogfight for the number one spot, and it is going to come down to the wire, both for this race and the second half crown.

Speaking of which, since I thought it unfair to hand out a second half crown this year without offering one to the dominant first half winner, I decided that we are going to also award a prize for our winner in the first half, SuperRadz! SuperRadz, congrats, you will definitely be getting the same prize as the second half winner gets.

What is that prize, you might ask? I'll be getting each winner a copy of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball! I talk up The Book so much that it might as well be in your library, and I can assure that if you can pick up an Ichthyomancy win in any category! Second half and overall winners get a copy, but only the overall winner gets an Ichthyomancy T-shirts as well, along with potentially something else that I have yet to decide. It could be a T-shirt of our new logo as well.

Second Half Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jeremy Hulme 76
Jigokusabre 72
whambam 32
SuperRadz 27
Ncchief31 24
Marlon D 21
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 20
Andrew Townes 19
dgriot 11
mblally 7

Once again, it is Jeremy Hulme and Jigokusabre at the top, but for the week, it was Jigokusabre with 13 points added to barely edge out Jeremy's 11 points or the Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship. Congratulations Jigokusabre, you are this week's Weekly Ichthyomancy Champion!