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#FishStripes: Back in the Big Apple

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Because the Marlins are in the National League East where the New York Mets are, they get to visit the Big Apple more than once per season. This week, they return to Miami for the first time since April. In this edition of #FishStripes, we look at what they did during their first trip and more.

Our Tweet of the Week comes from Giancarlo Stanton, because he tweets some good news:

Stanton has been on the shelf with a knee injury since the All-Star break.

Our Play of the Week comes from one of our starters, Mark Buehrle, who already has multiple Gold Gloves because of plays like these:

New York has changed a little bit since the Marlins last visited. For example, the Mets now have their first no-hitter on the season.

Well, back in April when the Fish were swimming in New York, Logan Morrison gave some tourists his view on what New York looked like to him:

Some players other than Stanton are excited to head to NYC. Take Donovan Solano, for example.

Justin Ruggiano says this:

Most of the time the team travels by plane, but they took another source of transportation en route to NYC from Washington D.C.:

McRae is the team's video coaching coordinator.

While the team is on the road, Marlins Ayudan is helping make Miami become an even better place. For example, the group takes a group of kids on field trips.

They also took place in Shake-A-Leg Miami:

One more helpful cause we got to plug, this one with connections to Morrison.

The Marlins start their series with the Mets Tuesday.